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Persona Profile: Azyn


Name: Azyn
Age: 70
Birthday: m1 d4
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Printer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Binder

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall and wiry Azyn has fine, straight dark hair which is now almost as white as it is black. His skin is light brown and his eyes are a dark enough brown to appear black. He moves with a marked gracefulness accentuated by his long legs and long, slim hands.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Azyn is passionate about his printing but has learned over the Turns to keep his own counsel and play a political game within and beyond his craft.

History of Persona:
Born into a long-established printercraft family Azyn apprenticed at twelve Turns old, already with a good knowledge of, and interest in, the craft. As a newly promoted journeyman he was waiting only for her promotion to marry senior apprentice Tehera when the Great Plague swept the Southern Continent. Much of Azyn's family were lost to the illness and Tehera was taken ill but survived. By the time she was well enough to return to her apprenticeship the Craft Ban had been enacted and marriage to Azyn was her only option.

Their twenty-nine Turn marriage was childless, reaffirming for the couple their objection to the Craft Ban and the changing attitudes toward women. In 1182 Azyn was finally promoted to master, this having been delayed by his attitude towards the Craft Ban. With his promotion came a deliberate change in behaviour as he decided that a politically aware master printer could do more to change things than an outspoken senior journeyman could.

In 1189 Tehera died after a Turn-long illness. Within a Turn Azyn had lost his wife and his home at the Printer Hall as in 1190 the Southern Craftmasters withdrew all crafters from Topaz Seahold in a punitive action. As the political situation changed in the wake of Thread's return he was a supporter of exchanges across the craft divide between North and South and was among the first printers to take postings to Northern Continent Halls which included, ironically, a posting back to the place he still thought of as his home, Topaz Seahold's Northern-aligned Printer Hall.

In Turn 02 Azyn married again, this time to Ryell, a young woman mid-way through her apprenticeship who had fallen pregnant to a married journeyman. Azyn arranged that they should be posted North before the birth of Ryell's daughter, Azzy, whom he has accepted as his own. With a foster-mother for Azzy, Azyn encouraged Ryell to continue with her apprenticeship. In Turn 04 another child, Rarden, was born to the couple.

In Turn 07 an opportunity came to return to the Southern Continent to take up the position of Harper Hallsecond at the Emerald Falls Harper Hall. This was a unique situation where the printercraft was operating within the Harper Hall after the loss of Topaz Seahold Printer Hall. The Harper Hall wasn't a Northern-aligned Hall but it had been accepting women since Turn 03 - and Azyn felt moving into such a Hall was an opportunity not to be missed.

Family and Friends
Ryell, 22, Senior apprentice printer (wife)
Azzy, 7, Hall resident (daughter)
Rarden, 5, Hall resident (son)
Gethara, 59, Foster-mother (children's foster-mother)
Tehera, 2, Deceased (first wife)

Last updated: May 10th 2017

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