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Persona Profile: D'aon


Name: D'aon
Age: 33
Birthday: m11 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
D'aon is tall at just over 6 ft and he is classically handsome with smooth, clearly defined facial features and deep blue eyes. The thatch of red hair atop this attractive face is often unruly as it tends to the curly. He is especially wide in the shoulders, with very toned muscles everywhere you look. The blue eyes are bright with a very sharp intelligence that he does not try to hide.

Emotional Description of Persona:
D'aon is an arrogant, fiery tempered redhead in the purest sense of the word. This temperament hides a heart as big as the skies above Pern, though, and he can be counted on to give you whatever it is you need - a shoulder, a scolding, a tumble, a laugh, a hug, or just someone to share a drink. He has a very high opinion of himself, but in a good, solid self assured fashion. His arrogance shows itself when he deals with Holders, having lived all his life in the Weyr. From a young age ,he found himself absorbed by the politics of Pern and studied how his Weyrleaders acted with the Lords Holder at Hatchings and various other events. He seems to have an intuitive understanding of his surroundings, whether they are politicial, or just having fun with wingmates. Being a bluerider, he knew early on he liked both girls and boys, but has mostly stayed with girls. He is not a bed chaser though he has been known to enjoy Flights with the pure, simple joy of the child he still feels himself to be. He seems content in his own skin without weyrmate or continual bed partners.

History of Persona:
Born Daonnan to a brownrider and his crafter weyrmate, Daonnan has lived his entire life at Dragonsfall Weyr, and grew up like many other weyrbrats. The telltale markings of leadership showed itself early in him, though, as he was often the one directing the pack of weyrbrats with whom he spent his first turns. He got in a fair number of scrapes with holder lads (and lassies) growing up, and after the first few losses, he learned to fight and to win. Despite having parents who loved him, he was fostered as most weyr children are and he learned early to take care of himself, and often 3 or 4 younger foster siblings to ease the work of his kind foster mother. He takes life as it comes, adapting with a skill he probably learned from his Harper mother. He can be violent still, the perils of a misspent youth still lie not far beneath his cool, calm and collected surface. Today, though, the violence only comes out in defense of close friends or family, or his dragon.

Family and Friends
D'ajami, 57, Brownrider (Father)
Nonnany, 53, Senior Journeywoman Harper (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Chridheth
Dragon's Age: 16
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Chridheth is a beautiful dark blue, all of a color along his belly, back and even to the tips of his wings. He is medium sized but one of the smartest of his wingmates. He is always trying to understand his rider's reactions to different situations and has developed an odd ability to remember rider and person names. No doubt spawned by his rider's political interests, he pays attention to the smallest details. He is sought after by greens because he is very handsome and an excellent mate. This lands his rider as the winner of flights far more often than he would wish, of course. All in all, they are a fine addition to the wings and can be trusted to lead if required.

Last updated: March 12th 2016

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