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Persona Profile: Z'lred


Name: Z'lred
Age: 37
Birthday: m7 d9
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Wingrider

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall with dark brown hair, a long, chiseled face, a statuesque nose and full lips, Z'lred has captured many a woman's eye over the turns. His eyes have held particular fascination with those of the female persuasion, the very same eyes he shares with his half brother, Zathris - sharply hazel with flecks of green He's in very good physical shape and exercises outside of the demanding physical requirements of being a dragonrider. Muscular and strong, he has a surprisingly gentle touch when required.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Z'lred has always been a fun loving type personality, though he's certainly no slouch when real work needs to be done - he just knows when and how to really relax. That's the problem with most people, they just don't know how to let loose. While he often jokes around, he knows when it's time to get serious, even if he doesn't like it. Unfortunately, his sense of humour isn't always shared by others, but that's probably because they're just wound up too tight.

History of Persona:
Z'lred was the second child of Rediza and Zalekin, the holders of Blue Fields Hold. When he was four, Zalekin died in an accident and a turn ad a half later, his mother married Ethris, the promising holder of Willow Bend. When his eldest brother, Redikin, died Blue Fields should have gone to him. That changed, however, when a blue dragon pointed him out as a potential candidate. With Ethris' encouragement, the young man went to River Bluff Weyr and impressed a brown at age thirteen. This left Blue Fields to Ethris and the two holds were combined into a larger version of Willow Bend.

Despite the turns of difference in their ages, Z'lred has always loved his younger siblings. He is particularly close to Zathris and the two get along the best of them all. When Ethris was made Lord Holder, it came as a surprise to the bronzerider. When Ethris' consideration of Zathris as heir was then suddenly changed, Z'lred was as upset as his younger brother.

Throughout the turns, the two have kept the most in touch and he's followed Zathris' ups and downs, his lost wives, and his sudden elevation to Lord Holder not of Jade Harbour, but of Amber Hills.

For most of the time since his Impression, Z'lred remained at River Bluff. The change in Weyrwomen have left him with a sour taste in his mouth - mainly because he's pretty much despised the last two. In addition, he's felt that he needed a change in his own life, five turns into the Pass, he requested and was granted a transfer. Now he resides at Dolphin Cove and although it's seen its own share of rotating Weyrwomen, he much prefers the location and the leadership. And the warmer temperature which keeps women with less clothing on doesn't hurt one bit.

Dragon's Name: Okith
Dragon's Age: 24
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
On the larger end of the scale, Okith has a lovely reddish undertone that is a bit more prominent on his neck, head, top of his wings and top of his tail. He is very much like his rider in personality, playful but serious when he has to be.

Last updated: June 11th 2017

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