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Persona Profile: Ikalis


Name: Ikalis
Age: 21
Birthday: m6 d3
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Ikalis possesses ample curves and her legs look long and toned, though her height is only average. She has tanned skin and is in good shape thanks to lots of swimming and running. Her hair is a softly-waving dark blonde with glittering highlights from the sun, up in a bun when working and left to fall free when she isn't. Her hazel eyes large and wide, making her look youthful and perpetually surprised. She has a long straight nose and a soft chin. Her face lights up when she smiles, which is most of the time.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Ikalis is cheerful and bubbly, the kind of person who is adept at making others feel at ease around her. She's a whirlwind of activity, filled with boundless energy and a curious mind that runs a mile a minute. If she's not working, she's socializing, or she's rock-climbing, or She has a habit of dragging other people along with her latest plans, but everything she does is with the intention of helping other people have a good time. She's always willing to devote time to being a sympathetic shoulder and to help someone work through a tough decision.

She is ambitious with from a strong desire to prove herself and achieve recognition. Work is important to her, but she sometimes rushes through it quickly and takes shortcuts. Ikalis has earned a reputation for being a gossip, but she tries to respect when others have asked for confidentiality. She finds it hard to bite her tongue when upset or outraged, but her bad moods quickly blow over, and she always tries to apologize.

History of Persona:
Ikalis is the third child of Dolphin Cove residents. Even in a family of warm and outgoing people, she was the most talkative and lively child. She preferred socializing with her peers and finding adventures over spending time in her Harper lessons. She learned quickly how to cut classes and improvise excuses for what she'd been up to, and was often found ringleading a bunch of other weyrbrats. Her most notable escapade was fulfilling the weyrbrat dream of finding a batch of flit eggs on the beach. She turned most of them over to be sold by important people, but hoarded one for herself, and acquired blue Wavecrest.

She never wanted to become a dragonrider, always expecting to become a caverns worker. She liked the kitchens work the most, Instead of working with the local Bakers, she talked to her family, who scrounged up the marks to send her to the Bakercraft Hall at Sapphire Meadows as a paid student. If she was going to learn how to bake, why nor learn from the best, she reasoned. She spent three Turns there before returning home to work in the caverns.

Ikalis currently works in the lower caverns as a floating worker, rotating from position to position. She's always in the kitchen on feast days, but sometimes she'll be set to stocking, running messages, or the ever-needed cleaning. She enjoys the change of duties because it keeps her mind engaged and focused. Secretly, she hopes she'll get picked as a special assistant by the Headwoman or a goldrider.

Family and Friends
Kalima, 52, Lower caverns worker (Mother)
Idanes, 51, Lower caverns worker (Father)
Ikara, 26, Rider of green Narith (Sister)
Kalanes, 24, Jr. Journeyman Dolphineer (Sister)
Idali, 20, Sr. Apprentice Tanner (Brother)
Alidan, 19, Lower caverns worker (Brother)


Wavecrest, Blue Firelizard: aged 12, hatched m8 d13
Wavecrest is a smaller blue flit with an unusually long tail. His main color is the deep azure blue of the open sea on a clear day, but his head and wingsails are a paler blue, like the foam after a wave breaks.

Wavecrest is not a particularly needy fire lizard, good at entertaining himself for a long period of time. He will follow around dragons, play at catching fish and spider claws in the ocean, and lurk in high corners watching people work. Sometimes he can be rough with his claws when playing. Ikalis has worked hard to train him to reliably carry messages.

Approved: April 13th 2014
Last updated: January 21st 2019

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