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Persona Profile: Saidrene

Writer: Heather

Name: Saidrene
Age: 18
Birthday: m2 d26
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (June 2014)

Physical Description of Persona:
Saidrene has long, inky black hair just like her mother. The tresses shine a blue-black hue in the sunlight and frame a heart shaped face. Her eyes belong to her father and are round, hazel orbs beneath arched eyebrows. As a teenager, Saidrene is still willowy and thin- just beginning to show curves around her bust and backside. She has a nice smile when she decides to use it, which isn't necessarily often. At 5'6" already she promises to be tall like her mother once she reaches her full height.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A teenager in every sense of the word, Saidrene is highly emotional and moody and shrugs a lot accompanied by an eye roll. She is just beginning to really notice boys and entertain thoughts about something other than her craft. Saidrene is impulsive and rash and doesn't think a lot about the consequences of her actions.

History of Persona:
Saidrene was born to goldrider Saibra and brownrider K'fel at Far Island Weyr. She had a traditional Weyrbrat upbringing, although she did stay with her parents a lot more then since Thread was an not yet falling. When she was eight Thread returned and her father perished in that first Turn of the Pass. She never let on how much her father's death hurt her because she had a little brother, Kaibren, watching her. Even though they fight constantly, Saidrene does love her brother... Most of the time.

When her mother told her that they were moving to Dolphin Cove Saidrene felt rather indifferent. Being a goldrider's daughter placed certain expectations on her no matter where she was. Saidrene was glad to be able to continue her dragon healing craft training once she reached Dolphin Cove.

Family and Friends
Saibra, 37, Weyrwoman, Dragonsfall Weyr (Mother)
Kaibren, 10, Weyrbrat (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Ashareth
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Ashareth is a very pale, mint green dragonet with darker undertones shadowed beneath her wingsails and belly. She is average in size, with a delicately shaped head, and a long powerful tail. In temperment Ashareth is quick, and snappy, but generally means nothing by it.

Last updated: October 1st 2015

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