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Persona Profile: Eneri

Writer: Nicole Bonvisuto

Name: Eneri
Age: 32
Birthday: m8 d1
Rank: Senior Journeyman Technician
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Electrician

Physical Description of Persona:
All in all, Eneri is a fairly attractive woman. Her once-pale skin is tanning from her time in the South. She has a round face with high cheekbones, accentuated by short, black hair that she keeps cropped at a forward angle to just below her chin.
She is a slender, tall woman, standing at about 5’9”. She has developed some toned muscle over the years from when she’s had to move heavy equipment. Eneri is agile and is frequently called upon to slither into tight spaces to examine connections and diagnose problems.
Her hands bare numerous nicks and scars from her Craft.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Eneri is an introvert. Aside from Onala, and occasionally Khadir, she vastly prefers her own company. Critical and sarcastic, Eneri has tempered the fine art of keeping her sense of humor to herself unless in the presence of those she can relate to. She fights the temptation to find a great majority of people rather stupid. Despite her perceptions, Eneri is nothing but polite and courteous when at her Craft.
There is a gentle side to her, but it’s rarely shown, and the claws would come out should someone ever comment on it. She’s guarded, and rightfully so, as her entire life would be ruined if someone knew the true nature of her relationships.
Eneri is overly careful and clever, but she’s not really sure how to relate to people. In most cases, unless you prove of exception merit or interest, Eneri simply does not have time for lots of emotions.
Despite all this, she has a distinct love of the arts. Her darkest secret is that she writes poetry and keeps it in a small journal beneath her mattress. She’s always been fascinated by claywork and pottery. One of her most prized luxuries is a pottery wheel .

She has a strong fear of wherries, most likely from when she was chased by one as a small child. Eneri also dislikes the bigotry and discrimination rampant in the South. She is rather bitter and struggles not to find most of the populous painfully ignorant.

History of Persona:
Once long ago, a shy girl was born in the Northern Technician Hall. She fulfilled many of the stereotypes you might imagine in a future Technician apprentice would. She was curious and took apart everything. She annoyed many residents of the Hall with her tinkering until, at the age of twelve, the Hall chose to put her talents to use with a formal apprenticeship.
Eneri was dedicated to her Craft and she struggled with relationships. Even her friendships were few, though the ones she found were close.
It wasn’t until sixteen that Eneri really blossomed. She was inspired by a certain young woman who returned with her family to the Technician Hall. Her name was Onala. The girls found a kindred soul in one another, and Eneri really found her voice by Onala’s side. The apprentice technician, once mousy and withdrawn, more openly brandished her quick-witted sarcasm. It didn’t earn Eneri more friends, but she could always make Onala laugh.
Over time their friendship progressed to something more. Onala was the softness to Eneri’s abrasiveness. Most never thought anything of the time they spent together. The young girls had grown gradually close, and no one thought much of a pair of young ladies holding hands.
Turns went by and they kept their love as their most cherished secret. A few individuals knew overtly of their relationship, including Eneri’s aunt and the Hall’s Master of Apprentices. He was a mentor to Eneri and a dear confidant until he passed away in 1199 of the 9th Interval. Eneri and Onala were both urged to appear “as normal as possible” to live their lives without prejudice.
In effort to blend in with society, Onala eventually married a handsome young Harper. This broke Eneri’s heart, but she understood that even the most ignorant of people would eventually suspect two amorous old maids. Aside from their need to blend in, Onala genuinely cared for Andalon, and Eneri could never give her children. So they continued their affair in stolen moments between restdays and naptimes. Eneri has always suspected that Andalon is aware of his wife’s extramarital relationship, but he’s never overtly commented and she’s never dared bring it up.
In Turn 5 of the 10th Pass, Andalon took a higher position as an archivist in Amber Hills Hold. Eneri seethed at the change, knowing all too well the South’s stance on women, especially as Crafters. But, as much as there was a need for a new archivist, there was a greater need for technicians.
Preparing herself for the South, an opportunity presented itself. Khadir, another journeyman technician whom she had grown up with, was also headed South. He preferred the same sex himself, and did not want his orientation known. No one would question the sexuality of a married couple. Together, they concocted a plan, made an arrangement, and married. While they are strictly platonic, Eneri and Khadir have an intimate trust and support of one another.
This confusing love loop has been tangled together in Amber Hills since month 2 of Turn 5.

Family and Friends
Onala, 29, Harper's Wife (Lover)
Andalon, 34, Archivist (Onala's Husband)
Khadir, 33, Sr. Journeyman Technician (Husband)
Enoa, 50, Jr. Journeywoman Weaver (Mother)
Renir, 55, Master Technician (Father)
Landon, 7, None (Onala's Son)
Andol, 3, None (Onala's Son)
Olanda, 12, None (Onala's Daughter)

Approved: March 17th 2014
Last updated: March 22nd 2014

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