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Persona Profile: Crolarin


Name: Crolarin
Age: 34
Birthday: m12 d11
Rank: Senior Journeyman Harper
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Teacher

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (June 2014)

Physical Description of Persona:
Lanky and lean and of average height, Crolarin is a person that is easily looked over. His rather plain dull brown hair falls to his shoulders, but is kept back at the nape of his neck in a tie. Grey-green eyes are slightly hooded and his slightly hooked nose gives his profile a hawkish look. Neither plain nor handsome, Crolarin teeters on a line between, never falling over to either category. He has a strong jaw with a slight cleft, but the shadow of stubble that he normally has covers it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Unrecognized, ignored and overlooked, Crolarin's desire to be noticed has never been realized. That he's always been not quite good enough, mediocre at his Harper talents and simply ignored has angered and frustrated him. He tends to obsess over his desires, whether it be women or ideals, but no one seems to notice that he too has needs that he feels needs to be met.

Quiet and unassuming to many, most consider Crolarin to be a meek, unpretentious soul. No one realizes the darkness and obsession that lurks beneath that passive exterior.

History of Persona:
Crolarin's history is typical for many craft-bred young men. His father was a Harper and his mother was dedicated to his father's advancement in the Hall; they had four children, all with some talent, but the couple was too involved in their own studies and goals to give their children much attention. Left to his own devices, Crolarin dove into Harper apprenticeship, desperate to gain the attention of his parents that for the most part, were too busy for him.

He proved to be modestly talented in most respects, neither excelling or failing at any particular subject. He walked the tables at the typical age, and when time came for his own placement, was sent to Amber Hills Hold as an instructor for the young children there.

While there, he found himself fascinated with a particular woman. Obsessing and fantasizing over her became his primary means of entertainment.

Approved: February 2nd 2014
Last updated: February 4th 2019

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