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Persona Profile: X'dris

Writer: Nicole Bonvisuto

Name: X'dris
Age: 17
Birthday: m13 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (December 2013)

Physical Description of Persona:
Xandris is tall (5'8") and lanky, like many youths of his age. His muscles are developed beneath tanned skin. Life on a farming cothold has earned him a fair number of scars: the most characterizing of which being a long scar along his right bicep and a smaller scar along his left eyebrow. He's not one that's overly concerned about appearance: just enough to keep the straw out of his hair and to look presentable for dinner. His hair is a very dark brunette, such that the brown is only visible when the sun hits it, and is cropped, messily, just above this ears. His eyes are a dark, earthen brown with unusually long lashes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Xandris, like many teenagers, is prone to mood swings. Though he's been taught that a man's place is to remain stoic, he isn't terribly good at it. His face will read a variety of passing emotions until he finally presents you with a calm verbal response. He genuinely is a compassionate person, taught to diffuse conflicts and be kind and gentlemanly toward women. Xandris' father was the only resident trained in a Craft at Nadol cothold, and as a Sr. Journeyman Farmer, he was heralded as somewhat of a leader. Xandris was groomed to follow in his footsteps. He feels that he falls short many days, but does his best to make his family proud.
He's a bit devoted to task and success, and as such is a bit behind in his interest in women. He has an eye for the attractive, to be certain, but he's not really sure what to do when confronted with the opportunity to communicate with a girl. Flita is the only exception, seeing as they have known each other since they were small children.
His attitude toward women and traditional roles is somewhat indifferent. While he feels that women are by far better at home tasks by upbringing and grooming alone, he is very practical, and feels that everyone in the cothold should contribute by doing what they're best at. That may mean laundry or herding or balancing accounts and he really doesn't care about the gender of the person performing the task.
His greatest fear is letting his family down, as well as fearing the failure of his family and their livelihood, given his father's arthritis. Xandris also dislikes felines. He just feels they can't be trusted.

History of Persona:
Xandris was born on Nadol cothold, northeast of Emerald Falls Hold, the son of a Farmcrafter, Sirix, and his wife, Andrija. Sirix received his training at the Farmcraft Hall, but he had been raised in the quiet atmosphere of a cothold, and wanted his children to have the same experience. Unfortunately, they were limited to one biological child, as they had difficulty conceiving, followed by an extremely difficult labor. The couple were warned that the next child might kill Andrija and they have been very careful to follow the healer's orders.
All of his life, Xandris was raised to follow in his father's footsteps and it was expected that he should apprentice to the Farmcraft and carry the work down the family. But Sirix's intense arthritis has slowed his work down considerably, leaving his son too busy tying up excess work around the cothold to worry about formal study. Dedicated to his family and friends, up until now, Xandris had been content leading the life of a holdbrat, with the inevitable fate of replacing his father. But, now that he's been Searched, Xandris is conflicted and caught between two possibilities: a sense of duty to his family and the possibility of life outside the cothold routine.

Family and Friends
Sirix, 54, Sr. Journeyman Farmer (Father)
Andrija, 40, Farmcrafter's Wife (Mother)
Larus, 15, Cothold brat (Friend)
Dayf, 17, Cothold brat (Friend)
Flita, 18, Cothold brat (Friend)

Dragon's Name: Zenaroth
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Brown

Approved: August 26th 2013
Last updated: October 1st 2015

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