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Persona Profile: Shilara


Name: Shilara
Age: 41
Birthday: m10 d17
Rank: Senior Journeyman Dolphineer
Location: Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Rescue and Salvage

Physical Description of Persona:
Shilara keeps her hair functionally short since she is in and out of the water frequently. The sandy brown tresses feather just below her ears, framing an oval face, and a slightly pointy chin. Her cheekbones are high and defined, covered in a soft spattering of freckles, and resting beneath two dancing blue eyes. Shilara has a long, lean swimmer's body, that is still in top condition from her daily exercises in the water.

Emotional Description of Persona:
It is rare to find Shilara in an unpleasant mood. The woman loves to work and is happiest when she is delving into a pile of research. Her passion is rescuing people and dolphins, and she has made it her life's mission to learn how to rescue people safer, and faster. Shilara has a good sense of humor, and a healthy sexual appetite.

History of Persona:
Shilara was born and raised in the North. She had a general childhood, included with two sisters and a brother. As a group they made trouble wherever they went with their pranks. When Shilara was of age she apprenticed to the Dolphincraft, as there had never been another option in Shilara's mind. With a father who was a sailor, Shilara had grown up around water and loved the opportunity to be more involved with it.

Once Shilara reached journeywoman status she was moved along the Northern coastline to Nerat Hold. There she met and fell in love with a healercrafter named Defan. Natural chemistry brought the pair together and within a matter of months they were married. For five Turns the couple struggled through their marriage, each fighting for dominance over the other. Shilara was vehemently attached to her craft, and her dolphin partner Keyla. Defan wanted Shilara to give up her craft and spend more time in the Hold. He blamed her for their lack of children, and he quickly wanted to remedy that. Shilara refused, however, to be the stay at home wife that Defan wanted, and in a defiant move, she moved South, to the Dolphin Hall.

Family and Friends
Defan, 45, Journeyman Healer (Estranged Husband)

Dolphin's Name: Keyla
Dolphin's Age: 11
Description of Dolphin:
Keyla is a light, silvery grey bottlenosed dolphin. She is incredibly playful, and loves helping her human partner rescue those lost at sea.

Approved: July 28th 2013
Last updated: December 1st 2015

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