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Persona Profile: Korkary


Name: Korkary
Age: 53
Birthday: m1 d21
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Seacraft Hall, River Bluff Weyr
Craft: Seacrafter
Craft Rank: Master

Physical Description of Persona:
Korkary is a large man, with broad shoulders heavily muscled from time on the ropes and treetrunk legs made strong by swimming. He is square of jaw and thick of hair, which he crops short so as to reduce hindrance shipside. He has a jagged scar stretching from elbow to wrist on his left arm-- souvenir from his youth of his first shipwreck, when he was trapped belowdeck and forced to fight his way free through the splintered hull. He is also missing the lower portion of one ear, but no one is exactly sure why.

Emotional Description of Persona:
The most accurate descriptor of Korkary is _genuine_. Though some of his tavern stories border on unbelievable, and likely are not wholly accurate in the details, no one can doubt the dockmaster's sincerity. He has a gentle hand and a sense of humor. He enforces discipline among his crews and doles out correction when necessary; however, he takes no pleasure in punishment or suffering. He faithfully reports to the Hallmaster on all matters requiring his attention. However, he has a knack for management and generally keeps things running smoothly with very little outside direction.

History of Persona:
Korkary was born on the sea-- literally. His mother was enroute to the Dolphin Hall from the north when she unexpectantly went into labor four full sevendays from the healer's projections. Luckily, Korkary's grown half-sister Kendrie was also on board, and had some knowledge of midwifery. Baby Korkary was nearly a month old before he first saw solid ground.

He was raised at the Hall by his Dolphineer father and mother. Korkary was expected to apprentice to the dolphincraft when he came of age, but surprisingly had little affinity for the shipfish his family served. Instead, he took to performing odd jobs on the ships that frequently passed through.

He didn't officially apprentice to the Seacraft until his seventeenth Turn. It was awkward, but he eventually moved through the ranks and received his masterhood.

Korkary moved around often, spending a few Turns here and there at different southern seaholds, improving their operating efficiency wherever he went. Many of the Lord Holders begged him to stay, and even his fellow craftsmen began to wonder what exactly he was searching for in his frequent movements. He was married late in his forty-second Turn, and his wife Yewela faithfully accompanied him any time he decided to move.

He sired three daughters before Yewela finally bore a son late in the fifth Turn of the current Pass; it was on the boy's first birthingday that Korkary abruptly announced that he had accepted a position as the dockmaster at the new Seacraft Hall soon to be opened under the wings of River Bluff Weyr, and that this next move would be his family's last. They settled into Avian Point cothold at the beginning of the Seventh Turn.

Family and Friends
Yewela, 31, Hold Resident (Wife)
Vetra, 12, Holdbrat (Daughter)
Frawna, 11, Holdbrat (Daughter)
Halla, 7, Holdbrat (Daughter)
Korjory, 3, Holdbrat (Son)

Last updated: June 11th 2017

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