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Persona Profile: Aini


Name: Aini
Age: 43
Birthday: m11 d14
Rank: Ship Crew
Location: Seacraft Hall, River Bluff Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Just slightly below average height for a woman, her face is somewhere between round and square. Her lips are neither full nor thin, her smile is sweet. Long, black hair complements a hued complexion and almond shaped brown eyes add an exotic appeal. Her petite form flows into gentle curves. Her posture is impeccable and she gives an air of elegance and grace. She does not consider herself beautiful, but she exudes an air of confidence that is undeniable.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Confident and assured, Aini knows her place and that is taking care of her Hall. The Master, the apprentices, all who reside there are hers to care for and she is very protective of them. She is smart and quick but can sometimes be too harsh with her tongue. While she does have great love for the Hall and all within, she is often very formal and some might consider her aloof. She holds herself with poise and has more emotion inside than she usually lets the rest of the world see.

History of Persona:
Aini has always lived near the ocean and she wouldn't have it any other way. The idea that she couldn't see the water and shore, the way they melded together has kept her firmly where she is.

Born of a Seacrafter and Jade Harbour, she became quite familiar with the life and needs of a man in that Craft. While she never even considered the idea of becoming a seacrafter (her gender excluded), she's learned certain things about sailing and can be quite handy with a fishing rod.

One of of the young men who worked with her father, often teased her and made fun of her. Salic went out of his way to cause trouble for Aini. As they grew older, their bantering turned into real talking. Aini then realised that Salic's teasing was his way of showing that he liked her and wanted her attention.

He got it. The two began to spend time together. They married after he walked the tables to journeymen during her sixteenth turn. His wedding gift to her was her faithful brown firelizard, Skipper. Aini herself took a position in the hold as one of the Headwoman's helpers. The two wanted to have children, but Aini never conceived and so they remained childless.

Aini rose up to an official Assistant Headwoman a few turns later. She was all set to take over as Headwoman when her husband was killed after some rigging collapsed. She did not let her mourning get in the way of her duties, but she did feel a need for change. So, when she heard about the Seacraft Hall, she decided to apply for the Headwoman position.


Skipper, Brown Firelizard: aged 26, hatched m8 d10
A deep, dark red brown, with almost rust coloured wings, Skipper is calm and unflappable. He's as steady and smart as a firelizard comes and has been a good companion and messenger for his human.

Last updated: December 1st 2015

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