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Persona Profile: Elmaldi

Writer: Eren

Name: Elmaldi
Age: 21
Birthday: m10 d6
Rank: Senior Apprentice Harper
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Elmaldi is average in height and has light brown hair that hangs fairly straight down her back. Her eyes are brown with flecks of green throughout. She has a delicate face, though it’s hard to notice when she’s working, as she often scrunches her face up in concentration. She also has a habit of pulling faces when she’s drawing people, as if trying to copy the expression she’s drawing. She’s relatively slender, without much muscle or fat to her, and she doesn’t have the curves many men look for. Most of the time you see her, she’ll be covered in charcoal or paint, or something to that effect - often not even noticing when she has smudges of colour over her skin and clothes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Elmaldi is young and determined. She won’t back down easy when it comes to things she wants or desires, and it’s hard to get her spirits down when it comes to her talents. She has many perfectionist tendencies and often gets frustrated when things don't come as easily as she wants them to, though she never gives up - often working night and day until she finally gets what she’s aiming for. She is often so caught up in her work and studies, that she forgets to make small talk, and often just forgets the world around her in general, not even noticing the passage of time all that much.

When people can get her to engage in conversation, they would find she is fairly easy-going and friendly. She’s not overly clingy with people, but she’s polite and pleasant, happy to play along with jokes (so long as it’s not about her own work). She makes friends pretty easily, and also probably ends up with rivals just as easily what with her talent and perfectionism. She has an eye for pretty things, and will often be more than happy to bluntly tell someone that she finds them pleasing to the eye - although this tends to not be romantic, but simply aesthetic appreciation.

History of Persona:
Growing up in at Soft Sands Hold, Elmaldi always had an eye for art and a talent for it as well. She would often spend countless candlemarks staring at the art in the Hold she grew up in.

As she studied with the local Harper there, he was amazed at her ability with charcoal and paper. He taught her as much as he felt he could, but really felt she needed to study at the Harper Hall itself.

Her true inspiration came, however, when a journeyman harper came to the Hold to paint a mural. Elmaldi watched each and every day, absorbing and taking in all that she could. It was quite a surprise to find herself connected to that Harper when she later came to the Harper Hall to Study.

Elmaldi's parents didn't feel they could afford such extensive studies, but after some work on the Hold Harper's part, she was able to obtain a scholarship to further her studies.

Entering the Hall just recently, Elmaldi hopes to further her studies and become a great Harper artist like so many she admires. Her particular area of expertise is sketching with charcoal and pencil, however she is working to expand her abilities with color and paint.

Approved: February 11th 2013
Last updated: January 25th 2016

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