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Persona Profile: S'jen

Writer: Cymiri

Name: S'jen
Age: 26
Birthday: m13 d19
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
S'jen's a pretty average guy, but he has a certain magnetisim. Mainly obvious good humour. Because he does look genial, and happy, and laidback, and it has a certain draw. Of course, he actually is all three of those- though not quite as pleasant, all the same, as those surface looks suggest. That only ever shows in hooded, clever eyes that watch the world and miss nothing, laughing at most things.

He only just avoids being classified as short, a fact that aggrivates him more then a little and, combined with Harloth's own size, made for not-always-kind Weyrlinghood jokes. His hair's a bland, here-and-there brunette, naturally unruly and difficult to coax into behaving without shaving totally. And that S'jen won't do. Eventually, most of his wingleader's just give up and accept that the *rest* of him will always be immaculatley groomed. Rumours he keeps a spare set of leathers and performs a mid-air change after threadfall are ridiculous, sure, but really...he *does* manage to seem so very put together all the time.

He favours blue. Lucky for him, Harloth's hide makes it near impossible to clash.

Emotional Description of Persona:
S'jen's can be a bit of a git at times. He certainly knows how to be manipulative when the mood takes him, and he can be the sort to stir trouble just because the possabilities there. Fortunatly, he has a laidback, indolent nature that would like have developed to flat out lazy if he wasn't a little bit too smart and just a smidgen too twitchy to be entirely comfortable unoccupied.

Intelligent he definitly is. A little too canny for comfort. But he's also great company, easy going and accepting when not in the mood to stir. He's also more or less unflappable. He has a knack of lifting the mood, be it of a conversation or of an individual, that may be linked to that selfsame accepting nature- or the fact he is simply fun to be around when he's in a good mood.

He's not one to stand on ceromony day to day. He usually makes a decent pass at pretending to respect when dealing with his superiors, but sometimes its a close shave. He's a lover by nature and something in his past has left him a little more clingy then he will ever admit or willingly show, so he likes to keep himself well in with someone at all times, casual though he will make it seem.

History of Persona:
S'jen doesn't like to talk about history that doesn't involve Harloth.

He more or less walked into the weyr as a teen, offering himself as another pair of hands to the staff. Since he was a hard enough worker and quick enough to pick up odds and ends of any job as well as willing to be useful, he carved himself a little niche he occupied quite nicely until the opportunity for candidacy arose- and was naturally grasped with both hands.

The headwoman *did* ask a few of the relevant questions, of course- where is your family, are you a runaway? But answers that seemed satisfactory at the time never really seemed to fill in the blanks much at all. All the same, he was old enough to be reasonably responsible for himself and, well- there was no guard update that matched his face, no paniced request for information on a missing person, no real reason at all to turn away a willing worker. If you absolutly desperatly *have* to consider it, go record diving rather then try and prise it out of him. Records note a trade caravan rolled through the Weyr at more or less the time he did. He obviously jumped off it somewhere down the line. Since he wasn't one of the caravan regulars, they must have picked him *up* somewhere else. By the time the Headwoman thought to ask where, though, they'd moved on. And by the next time they returned... he just was part of the scenery.

The conclusion that he's probably from a renegade background, or something else fairly scummy, is a little difficult to avoid, despite the fact he is a perfectly decent sort and does nothing to trigger it! The suggestion just...presents itself. Something about that smile. Certainly, the cavarns staff thought to approach the guards regarding wanted figures just a little before it occured to check for missing persons!

It doesn't seem to bother him much, fortunatly. And if you try to gather'll either receive those same vaguely satisfying-but-not answers, or find yourself in the depths of a facinating discussion not involving S'jen moments later. For the first year or so of candidacy there was a tendancy to check his bunk first if things went missing- again fortunatly laughed off- but that died out when it became obvious that he was no more and no less honest then anyone else, a conclusion that's luckily followed him through his career since.

Its been a decent if unexciting one. His blue is exceptionally quick on reflex, and there's a fair few wingmates who realise they owe a lack of scars to it. He tends to laugh that off too.

S'jen's certaily well content where he is, no matter where it was he actually came from.

Dragon's Name: Harloth
Dragon's Age: 7
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Harloth is a tiny little blue. He makes up for it with a large chip on one shoulder.

Naw, that's being mean. He's not that bad, but he is a dragon prone to sulks and fits of gloominess.

He is also deadly regarding reaction times. Nothing will get past him, so don't even try it. He's the potential to develop a nose for search, but he's not really done much with it to date.

Harloth's hide is a jazzy ensemble, featuring almost any shade of blue you can imagine if you look close enough. His back is a more or less constant rich medium blue, with head, tail, belly and limbs bearing the most of the striations.

Approved: August 17th 2012
Last updated: August 15th 2012

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