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Persona Profile: J'kri

Writer: Devin

Name: J'kri
Age: 18
Birthday: m1 d28
Rank: Wingrider, Azure Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (September 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall and lanky with dark brown eyes. His hair gets curly if he grows it out. As a youngster his curly brown hair was cute, but now it’s just annoying so he prefers to keep it short.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Highly intelligent, Jyrki tends to get obsessed with every new thing he comes across. The obsession doesn’t last long, though, before he flits off to the next thing. At the Hold he was quick to make friends, finding common interests with almost anyone. Fortunately, his friendships are more stable than his obsession-of-the-month.

History of Persona:
The first son after three girls, Jykri’s father had high hopes for him, but it soon became clear he wasn’t quite the son he wanted. After more daughters, another son came along and Jykri’s younger brother is already talking about apprenticing to the Healer Craft, much to their father’s delight. Jykri loves his little brother, but he’s much closer to his sisters.

Smart enough to apprentice, Jykri never could settle on one Craft, falling in love with beastcrafting one month and smithcrafting the next. He likes a variety of people as well, and knew young that he liked boys as well as girls, a secret he’s kept from his parents. He thought something was wrong with him until he heard about the “unnatural” things Weyrfolk got up to, and if they did it, maybe it wasn’t wrong.

When a Searchrider chose him, he took the chance. The Weyr would be a new place with lots of new interesting things, and the rider assured him that if he Impressed, he would _never_ get bored of his dragon.

Rademerth found him at his first Hatching and weyrlinghood has kept him busy - both body and mind.

Family and Friends
Paetri, 20, Wingrider, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Friend/lover)
R'axe, 39, Wingrider, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Lover)
Jysary, 48, Sr. Journeyman Healer (Father)
Lyrenna, 10, Hold brat (Sister)
Jyrilon, 13, Hold brat (Brother)
Sorene, 14, Hold brat (Sister)
Remana, 16, Hold brat (Sister)
Pyvia, 20, Holder (Sister)
Kisaline, 20, Holder (Sister)
Lasaria, 22, Holder (Sister)
Lakrila, 42, Holder (Mother)
Ilsie, 7, Hold brat (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Rademerth
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
The size of a brown and with the ego of a bronze, he's sometimes a trial for his easy-going rider. Rademerth is a rich blue, the color of deep tropical water. He has a tendency to be self-absorbed to the point of being rude, but that's slowly fading as he matures. He also shows signs of being a Search dragon.

Approved: February 11th 2012
Last updated: January 11th 2015

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