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Persona Profile: K'dall


Name: K'dall
Age: 22
Birthday: m13 d10
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Beasthealer
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Average height, but sturdy strength in arms and a body used to tending beasts and their hurts. His mop of curly brown hair sits atop a pleasant face, always tanned from his time outside, that sparkles with bright green eyes. He's strong but gentle with his strength, preferring to use it in his Craft. Generally wearing clothes that won't suffer from the often dirty results of his Craft, he is like so many other of those who spend their time with beasts - quiet, reserved, and gentle.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Calm and gentle, not possessed of an overly sharp wit, though by no means stupid, he is by far and away one of the kindest younglings ever born. Unfailingly patient with animals and humans alike, he is smart enough to know he is much happier with animals and enjoys the continual studying of his chosen Craft, always striving to find a better way to prevent sickness and injury from his precious charges, and all the while, improving their lot in life.

History of Persona:
A normal family, littered with healthy sons and pretty daughters, all sharing those bright green eyes, he came along about the middle of the pack and soon found himself driven to make peace between his siblings all the time since he didn't like it when they shouted.

Of course, how long are older sibs going to listen to a younger one? Soon enough he retreated to tending the beasts of his father's cothold, and was soon more outside than inside, and became even more of a quiet, gentle soul. He quickly attached himself to the rest of the animal tenders and became invaluable, especially with sick or hurting beasts, even the high-strung runners his father was trying to breed for sale. He could calm them with a whisper and a touch of his gentle hands. Not shy, no, never that, with 7 brothers and sisters, but making a choice to seek out animals and their quiet nature.

It was unsurprising he went off to study the Beastcraft when he was old enough and soon became a senior apprentice, then after a few turns of hard study, earned his journeyman knots at 19 turns of age. Given his special abilities with sick or hurting animals, he had just decided to devote the rest of his life to become the best Beasthealer he could become when a green dragon on Search for the Clutch hardening at Dolphin Cove appeared.

And it was then he finally came to the attention of a dragon. She chose him from among the likely group of beastcrafters in the courtyard that day, and with the same calm, easy way about him, he packed his bag, and his canine, and went with her to Dolphin Cove Weyr.

No one was more surprised than Kadall when Tallandrath chose him and made him K'dall. His beautiful brown lifemate has become the center of his world. After adjusting to weyrling training as easily as he did anything to do with animals, though he struggled with some of the more mental tasks, like learning Wing patterns, K'dall and Tallandrath graduated to the Wings. They are a solid, sturdy brown pair, like many of their color. He still keeps mainly to himself, though he wonders sometimes if he could make friends. People friends. Until then, Tall and Trapper keep him company and he loves the work they do fighting Thread.

Family and Friends
Dalla, 50, Cothold resident (Mother)
Anderk, 55, Minor cotholder (Father)
Andek, 30, Heir to the cothold (brother)
Kalla, 28, Lady of neighboring cothold (sister)
Dander, 25, Journeyman Technician (brother)
Dankal, 20, Sr. Apprentice Baker (brother)
Deralla, 16, Cothold resident (sister)
Andal, 12, Cothold resident (brother)

Dragon's Name: Tallandrath
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Tallandrath is a beautiful, dark brown. He is sturdy but clumsy yet, still growing into his size. Tallandrath is a good sized brown, a fine example of his color. He is sturdy, strong, and smart. He is sweet tempered and adores his rider. Given K'dall's love of animals, their mental bond is tighter than most. They are literally in each other's heads constantly. They balance each other well, both steadying the other with the dragon being much more outgoing than his rider. Tall's personality gets his rider into trouble sometimes, as the brown has begun to love to chase greens.


Trapper, Canine: aged 6, born m5 d6
A blue ticked herding canine, Trapper is named for the way he 'herded' his littermates into corners, trapping them there with sharp baby teeth and smart use of growls and pouncing. He was by far and away the biggest and smartest of the litter of canines born at the Beastcraft Hall, and he and his 'boy' are inseparable at best. Extremely well trained, Trapper would have been a huge help guiding in bovines for routine checkups and such. Time will tell what happens when he tries herding dragons.

Last updated: March 11th 2016

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