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Persona Profile: D'lorn


Name: D'lorn
Age: 38
Birthday: m11 d9
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Job: Weyrlingmaster Third

Physical Description of Persona:
He reaches 5'6" and has a curly mop of black hair. D'lorn keeps it short to fit under his riding helmet and to alleviate his responsibility to style it. He has dark brown eyes to match and his skin is a light brown. When he tans, he gets a little darker. His arms are lightly muscled from turns of riding and he stays on the leaner side. D'lorn's most expressive part of his body is his smile. It comes out often and is almost pure white. He takes careful pains to maintain it.

He makes a habit of wearing light tunics that usually billow around him, making it easy to see inside if one wanted. They're usually coupled with shorts or brown wherhide pants if he's coming from duties.

Emotional Description of Persona:
This man is proud of his traderblood. He is independent and doesn't like to be pinned down much. Strong and traditional, D'lorn prefers to go about things in a quiet but effective way. He will get it done, but he won't make a big deal about it.

He is protective of his dragon to a fault and can be easily blinded by Villith's wants. He would give her anything if he could. He is also careful with his charges, not afraid to work beside them to show them what they need to know.

History of Persona:
Doklorn was born into a trader family. The boy quickly learned the ropes and spent his life traveling from one Hold or Hall to another. They went all over their part of the Southern continent, making the rounds. He learned how to repair carts, deal with livestock, how to hawk his wares, and when to move on. Thick as thieves, his family is large and they keep to themselves.

Everything kept on that way until he reached his eighteenth turn. They stopped in at Far Island Weyr to unload some foodstuffs that could go bad and the boy caught the attention of a blue dragon. Asked to Stand as a candidate for the clutch that was coming, he looked to his father who was struck dumb. In the end, they let him stay at the Weyr and he came off the Sands with green Villith.

All of D'lorn's family is proud of him and will tell anyone about their greenriding son if asked since they aren't very hidebound in their ways. D'lorn graduated from weyrlinghood and entered the wings. When threadfall started, he transferred to River Bluff to help even out their wings. A few turns after, he was asked to become part of the weyrlingstaff. Glad to help out with the younglings, D'lorn does his job and does it well.

Dragon's Name: Villith
Dragon's Age: 20
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m13 d6
Description of Dragon:
She is a medium sized green, with hide the color of fresh brilliant grass. Villith is a battle hardened lady, though the only threadscore she sports is a small scar on her right foreleg. Her form is more muscle than anything else and this green is also known for her curiosity. She is always in someone's business, whether they like it or not.

Last updated: May 22nd 2017

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