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Persona Profile: Morin


Name: Morin
Age: 50
Birthday: m10 d4
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (November 2011)

Physical Description of Persona:
Morin is not particularly handsome, nor does he portray the typical "Lordly" image. His nose is round and blunt, his jaw square, and his chin dimpled. As he often squints, his green eyes appear small at first, though it is not out of near sightedness, but rather an expression of thoughtful concentration. One would always feel he is being sized up and analysed by the sharp mind protected behind a high, perpetually tight-knit brow. He is slightly shorter than average, not particularly broad, and extremely tanned. Were one to look at his likeness on a page or canvas, he might easily be mistaken for your average Holder or crafter. But there is a presence about him in the way he walks into a room as if he owns it, for indeed, in his mind, he does.

Emotional Description of Persona:
He gets the job done, done right, and done his own way. Morin is sound in judgement, shrewed in business, and calculating in his schemes. But his Holders have learned that he has the Hold's best interest at heart, if not the individual's, and they all trust him to see them through in the end. He deals hard, but fair. His word is his bond, usually, though his word, some find, can be taken in many different ways. He is not above dealing with shady characters if he finds it in his best interest, and he always has his best interests at heart, since ultimately, they are best for the Hold. Sun Stone is his life's work, his creation, his blood and his sweat, and he will go to any lengths required to see it succeed.

History of Persona:
Morin does not like talking about his history, and his Holders and 'friends' have learned better not to ask. His life, as far any of them are concerned, began in a small dingy being rowed into Sun Stone Harbor some twenty-five turns before. From the moment he set foot on their shores, he proved himself useful. He took up any task given to him without a word of complaint. Everyone respected his work ethic, his desire to see things through to the end, and his determination to succeed in whatever he put his mind to.

They quickly learned that there was a sharp mind driving him forward, one that had both vision and sense. After struggling along for so long, it was not hard for the younger people of Sun Stone to gravitate towards this breath of fresh air. The older people, he knew, would take some convincing, or else could be counted on to quickly die off. Morin was certain that if he could just bide his time, all he dreamed of would come to pass.

About fifteen turns before the present Pass, his opportunity finally presented itself. Through negotiation, charm, determination, luck, and more than a little persuasion, not always of the friendly variety, he has been able to build a Hold for himself out of a collection of scattered pockets of people. Now he wants what he believes he and his Hold deserves - the recognition of equality with their peers and the official title of Lord Holder of Sun Stone Seahold.

Family and Friends
Morisal, 21, Hold Resident (Daughter (Illegitamate))


Copper, Brown Firelizard: aged 13, hatched m2 d27
Copper likes being around his human, but at a distance. He is rather intuitive to his human's mood and is quite content to stay out of the way until the time is right to beg for a bit of attention or food. Usually, he perches himself in a sunny window sill and contentedly watches the world go by.

Approved: June 6th 2011
Last updated: June 29th 2014

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