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Persona Profile: Sofeya


Name: Sofeya
Age: 35
Birthday: m13 d15
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Drudge

Physical Description of Persona:
Of a medium height with long black hair, smooth, lanky legs, a large bust and an hourglass figure, Sofeya catches the eye of many a man - and has them in her bed. She's sexy and knows it and is prone to use that to her advantage. A slightly square jaw with high cheek bones, luscious lips, sensuous eyes are all a combination men find difficult to resist.

Emotional Description of Persona:
While not the smartest one in the bunch, Sofeya's by far not the stupidest. She's caustic, lashes out easily and has quite the temper. She can be mean spirited and is not above luring a man to her bed just to make his life or that of his wife's miserable. She's can be petty and is certainly self absorbed. She looks out for herself and no one else. And she's going to have a little fun on the way.

History of Persona:
Sofeya was born the daughter of two drudges. Her father and mother both constantly put her down, told her how wretched she was, hit her, and abused her regularly. For turns she looked for an escape from the ill treatment. She managed to catch the eye of a man thirty years her senior just by her looks. A crafter, his life was certainly much better than the one she left and so she seduced him and got him to marry her.

Bailer was kind to her though and despite herself, she began to have feelings for him. She got pregnant, then miscarried. This happened three more times and then she didn't get pregnant any more. Each miscarriage affected her more deeply than she thought it would and it got harder and harder. It was a blessing when she finally stopped getting pregnant - it was a weakness and she didn't want to deal with it.

Bailer was not necessarily in the best of health and he passed on in Sofeya's thirtieth turn. She found herself thrust back into the menial jobs that she once abhorred. The one good thing in her life was gone. The one man who had shown her kindness had left her and the bitterness that had settled in her at an early age resurfaced, harder and stronger than ever.

Approved: April 16th 2011
Last updated: June 11th 2017

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