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Persona Profile: Corofel

Writer: Paula (ONPC)

Name: Corofel
Age: 16
Birthday: m9 d12
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Fosterling

Physical Description of Persona:
Corofel has strawberry blond hair that is darkening with age to auburn brown and honey-brown eyes. His face is still child-round, but he shows a promise of becoming handsome man. He is of average height for his age and has normal body build. His skin is tanned from spending lot of time outdoors.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Corofel is light-hearted, friendly prankster. Heís smart when he puts his mind into it but tends to take the easy way out (unless heís inventing pranks). He loves riding and runners and being outdoors. He cares about his siblings more than he admits, which does not prevent him bickering with them. He befriends people easily, knows how to behave when he wants to. Sometimes his position as Lordís Heir has gotten to his head, but people around him usually pull him back down. He doesnít stay angry or sullen for long. His motherís death affected him deeply and heís secretly afraid of losing someone else he loves

History of Persona:
Corofel is the first child of Corowal and Ofelia, and his fatherís Heir.
He was born in Coral Bay hold. He has four younger siblings and at least one older half-sister. His childhood was ordinary one until his father was nominated as a Steward of Emerald Falls hold. They moved there, his mother expecting the youngest sister. Ofelia died during the birth of Wallia, which was a tough spot for Corofel. His attachment to their fostermother helped him to overcome the grief. Corowal became Lord Holder few monthís later and Corofel was named as Lordís heir. He started to learn new duties and responsibilities as a Heir. His fatherís remarrying didnít affect Corofel much. He liked his new step-mother and his life continued pretty much as before. That is, until his father started to arrange a fostering for him.

Family and Friends
Corowal, 53, Lord Holder, Emerald Falls Hold (father)

Approved: April 8th 2011
Last updated: March 31st 2011

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