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Persona Profile: Kaya


Name: Kaya
Age: 24
Birthday: m2 d2
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold

Crayon Awards: Favorite Characters We Miss (August 2011)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (May 2011)

Physical Description of Persona:
Kaya has never been particularly tall. A small baby, she's turned into a small woman of only an inch or so above five feet. Sweet curves combined with shapely legs and delicate features have turned the heads of more than one man in her time. Deep brown eyes are decorated with long lashes. Dark brown hair sweeps downward in luxurious waves and stops at her shoulder blades. her skin is of a light brown, like klah mixed with a generous amount of milk. When she smiles, truly smiles, it lights up her entire face and puts a sparkle in her eye.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kaya's normally pleasant nature is tempered by a stubbornness that would rival two runners. When she sets her mind on something, it's difficult to change her mind. She knows her place in society and her duty, but is only willing to accept it on her own terms. The youngest of seven, she is the second girl, perhaps adding a streak of tomboyishness thanks to the rough and tumble ways of her brothers. She does not like leaving loose ends or leaving things up in the air. She is organised, but her organisation tends to be different from others and those who have tried to understand it in a cursory glance have gotten frustrated, but she will always be able to find what she needs when she needs it.

History of Persona:
Kaya is the youngest of seven and the second girl, her eldest sibling be the other female of the siblings. She grew up alongside those brothers, particularly the two right above her, only three turns between all three of them. For a while, her father allowed her to join in on the activities alongside them, but when she was ten, he realised it was time his daughter learn to be a girl.

Her mother set about trying to turn her daughter into a female who would attract the attention of a good family. Marrying into another hold, or even that of a Lord Holder's kin was ideal, but Kaya wasn't so sure. She did as she was told, though she longed to go back to the days when she could run around. dig in the dirt, and help with the livestock and crops.

When she got a little older, some of that slipped away as Kaya realised she kind of liked getting dressed up. The awkwardness that marked her teen turns eventually was molded into a gentle grace thanks to the efforts of her mother and the attention received by men became a little more exciting.

Her father waited longer than some might to search for a husband for her. At seventeen he turned his eyes toward the son of a hold a little smaller than his own but had great promise. The two met and Kaya immediately took a liking to him. Even more important, her father liked him. A contract was made and the wedding set for a turn later. It would have been sooner, but Ristin had already agreed to a contract with another hold that would increase the trade between his father's and theirs and wanted to concentrate on fulfilling his duties before he had to be responsible for another person.

A turn passed and preparations were made for the two to wed. Kaya and Ristin had kept in touch with letters back and forth at least once a sevenday, sometimes more. The last letter Kaya received contained a locket with a tiny painting of him inside, telling her he was on his way home.

But Ristin never arrived. The ship that carried him was attacked by Pirates. There were no survivors. Kaya locked herself in her room for three days, mourning. When she emerged, she was weak in body and in spirit. Though others were allowed to come in, she remained bed bound for another sevenday. Eventually she returned to the world of the living, but the locket still remains a constant about her slender neck.

Her father was kind enough to give her some time, but his daughter was not getting any younger and he knew that he wouldn't have much time before some might start looking away, despite her beauty. Six months later, he set his eyes upon other suitors. Kaya met each of them, but none of them seemed to compare to Ristin. Each time, she managed to do something to offend and call off any thoughts of a marriage. Four suitors she turned off and her father became angry.

A fight ensued between them and finally he declared that at Turn's end, they would attend the Feast at Amber Hills, the hold to which they were beholden, and would stay there until he found a suitable match. He threatened to beat her should she do anything that would turn the prospects away. Kaya protested and received a whipping as her father told her it was past time that she learn her place and accept what she was told.

Bruised, but not broken, Kaya pretended to accept this ultimatum, with the thoughts and hopes of finding a way out of a contract once she got to Amber Hills.

Family and Friends
Wirnan, 41, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Husband)
Yavoran, 69, Holder of Turquoise Valley (Father)
Kamala, 56, Wife (Mother)
Orala, 35, Wife to a Healer (Sister)
Malavor, 33, Son and heir (Brother)
Oranam, 31, Son, married, Steward of the hold (Brother)
Alaran, 29, Beastcrafter, journeyman who travels to smaller holds (Brother)
Kavor, 27, Assistant steward, stayed at the hold to help, married (Brother)
Yavam, 24, Healer (Brother)

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Last updated: November 29th 2015

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