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Persona Profile: N'tor


Name: N'tor
Age: 60
Birthday: m1 d1
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Poultry

Physical Description of Persona:
N'tor is only average height, but his muscular shoulders are broad. He takes great pleasure in maintaining that physique and exercise is one of his favorite hobbies. His hair was once blonde, but it has long since dulled into a light brown. Though the top of his head is till covered in soft wavy hair, it has receded back a ways from his temples. He's long since given up counting the hairs on his pillow in the morning and has decided he has no time for such frivolous vanity. His eyes are a clear blue that hide very little.

He has a large chin stuck on a strong jaw, but his big smile softens his face. N'tor's nose is oddly shaped, starting thin and ending wide and round at the bottom with an odd little bump between. He had broken it some turns back, though he rarely ever owns up to the true story of how it happened. Though he isn't the handsomest of men, he certainly has a good strong face with a lot of character to it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Though he might have had his wilder days in his youth, they are a distant memory. He still enjoys a good drink and a dance, but he isn't out to impress anyone, not even the ladies. That's not to say N'tor doesn't enjoy spending time with women, but he's no longer one to play games or try to catch a girl's attention. Either she's interested or she's not. He takes rejection well and is more than happy to be just friends with women.

History of Persona:
Nimitor was raised in Thyan Peak Weyrhold, the son of a green and brownrider. At that time, the Weyrhold was self-sufficient and Thread was a distant memory. Dragonriders had to find some way to be of use and for some reason they could not fathom now, their family had always raised poultry and had as far back as the Records showed. Though it wasn't the sexiest of occupations for a dragonrider, they provided the Weyrhold with eggs and meat for their table, and Nimitor grew up around his family's coops.

As was customary at the time, he Stood as did all Weyrbred boys and girls of age did when there was a Hatching on the Sands. Being that his family had always been dragonriders, it was no surprise when he Impressed his own brown, Zaith. Once Weyrling training had finished, however, he returned to the family business of poultry farming.

When he was in his late twenties his brown flew a young green named Magabeth. From that time both the dragons and their lifemates had found their chosen partner, though it wasn't until they were into their thirties that N'tor and Chivara made it official and became Weyrmates. Soon after they welcomed their first child, a son, Torvar. Five turns later they had twin girls, Nimi and Chiva.

When N'tor was 43 his life and those of all Thyan Peak residents changed forever when their beautiful Weyrhold was destroyed by a massive earthquake. Even N'tor's family was not spared, and his Weyrmate, Chivara, did not survive. When they moved to the new Dolphin Cove Weyr, N'tor left his former farming life behind and threw himself into raising his children and readying himself for the Thread that was sure to return.

Even now that his children have grown and have begun lives of their own, he keeps them close, knowing how fragile life can be, especially in a world where fighting Thread is once again a fact of life.

Family and Friends
T'rrin, 95, Retired Brownrider (Father)
Halanim, 4, Greenrider (deceased) (Mother)
N'rot, 4, Brownrider (deceased) (Older brother)
H'lan, 64, Bluerider (Brother)
Chivara, 3, Greenrider (deceased) (Weyrmate)
T'var, 25, Brownrider (Son)
Nimi, 21, Candidate (Daughter)
Chiva, 21, Candidate (Daughter)

Dragon's Name: Zaith
Dragon's Age: 44
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Zaith is a good sized brown. Though he has good maneuverability in the skies, he's not as fast as some. He has a very steady personality, taking life as it comes. A simple soul, he enjoys nothing better than sun, water, and wherries, except perhaps a pretty green to share it with.


Klahs, Feline: aged 7, born m4 d22
Klahs is a short-haired light brown feline. Like most of his species, he likes to be independent and rarely comes when called. He will be sure to come out for certain things, such as the smell of food, a nice pile of laundry needing a little extra fur on it, when he has an itch or feels his pet N'tor should be reminded who is boss in their weyr.

Last updated: March 4th 2016

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