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Persona Profile: R'yin


Name: R'yin
Age: 43
Birthday: m9 d8
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
R'yin is a tall, lanky man with some muscles hardened and honed by being a dragonrider for so many Turns. He will never be bulky or have the sought-after broad shoulders of other riders, as he had been born a Holder's much needed Heir. He does have amazingly deep brown eyes that are kind, if serious, and brown curls kept short to stay under his riding helmet. In good overall shape, he is fairly easy on the eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
R'yin is a steady, trustworthy sort. He's very serious about his duties as a dragonrider, and caring for Aerrath is always first in his mind. He's also very serious about the rest of his life, even to the point of being very quiet and withdrawn, almost painfully shy. Not easily stirred to strong emotions, once he finds one, he holds on for dear life, just as serious about that as he is about everything else. He does laugh and smile with the few folks he trusts, and is very kind to his wingmates, often volunteering privately to help them. The genuine 'nice guy' if quiet.

History of Persona:
Rayin was born to a medium-sized yet very profitable Holder, beholden to Jade Harbor Hold. With strong ties to both the Crafthalls and the Hold, Rayin's family was very well respected. Rayin's mother was only able to carry one baby to term, however, and so Rayin became the very cherished and much needed only son and heir to his father, Stefyin. For most of his life, he lived as you would expect someone in his position. He worked in and around the Hold, mostly helping with the runners, but did not apprentice to a Craft because he was destined to rule the Hold after his father passed.

He learned to work hard, and keep his composure, because his father was very demanding of Rayin, preparing him to lead quite early, as he was already getting on in Turns when Rayin's mother, Radami, finally managed to become pregnant. He learned the ins and outs of running a Hold, and even in one the size of their hold, Gold Meadow, it was quite involved. All seemed to be well for Rayin and his family. They were close, but worked hard for their success, and Rayin was never spoiled, only much loved.

Until he turned 17, and he happened to see dragons flying overhead.

There was no Thread then, but he was still captured by the beauty of their Flight above the well-kept Hold. Entranced, he watched them, imagining for a moment, a different life. And some days later, a green dragon with a lovely female rider alighted to delivery some messages and packages, and in a moment of quiet conversation, Rayin discovered that her dragon thought he might be a dragonrider if he wanted to be!

Amazed, he relayed the story later to his beloved parents, expecting joy and happiness in their eyes. What he found was only anger and sadness. "You will not go." Even his mother begged with him that night, quitely pleading for his father, who was by now, well-advanced in Turns. "He needs you, you know. You are the future!"

But he would not be denied, and in the only irresponsible act Rayin ever committed in his life, he fled on one of his father's runners, slowly making his way to River Bluff Weyr, traveling with a few trader caravans along the way.

He arrived at the Weyr in between clutches, and began to help with dragon-healing, showing an aptitude for it that he never suspected he possessed. When brown Aerrath found him on the sands at the first Hatching he stood for, Rayin became R'yin, and never looked back on his former future.

It took him many turns to adjust to Weyr life, but the withdrawn young man finally let himself care for a greenrider that looked similar to the one that had first spoken to him. Her name was Ciara, and when his brown caught her green, Ellianith, R'yin's life changed once more. Now he was a father to Cirina, and a lover to her mother, and happiness swept in and carried him away, for a time, from the dark cloud of seriousness that had shadowed him since he'd come to the Weyr.

Ciara and he eventually parted ways when she would not become his Weyrmate - he longed for the love his father and mother had shown him daily, and the close- knit family - and since then, there have only been a few short romances, usually the result of the rare Flights Aerrath chose to pursue. The brown always chased Ellianith, though, and has even caught her once since he and Ciara parted.

It only served to remind the pair they were not destined for life-long happiness. They have found a reasonable friendship and the brownrider tries to go on.

Now, he Flies Thread with Aerrath, spoils Cirina, practices his adopted Craft of dragon-healing, and wonders, despite the complete happiness he has with Aerrath, if he will ever find again what he left behind that day, so long ago.

Family and Friends
Ciara, 42, Wingrider, Volcano Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (ex-Weyrmate)
Stefyin, 83, Holder of Gold Meadow (recently deceased) (Father)
Radami, 76, Gold Meadow Hold (Mother)
Gregor, 80, Now Holder of Gold Meadow (in R'yin's place) (Uncle)
Cirina, 15, Weyrbrat (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Aerrath
Dragon's Age: 25
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Aerrath is a medium sized brown of high intelligence. He often impresses R'yin with the concepts he grasps, and equally the concepts he does not grasp. He is a deep chocolate brown, with mottled wings that almost seem blue on the underside. He is a rather serious dragon, and does not chase many greens, though lately he seems to have been pursuing more than not. Well respected, and trusted by the bronzes, he is a fine example of his color. He enjoys helping his rider with wounded dragons, and has often provided a calming influence on the younger dragons that are injured.


Fall, Blue Firelizard: aged 7, hatched m13 d23
Within the last turn, R'yin found a small stash of fire lizard eggs, and was lucky enough to Impress a blue flit. He called him Fall after the way he just 'fell' right out of his shell. Fall is much like his rider and his dragon, being quite less mischievious than most flits, even for a young one. R'yin is teaching him to watch Cirina, for he, his dragon, and his flit, all love the little girl to distraction.

Last updated: March 12th 2016

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