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Persona Profile: Zandan

Writer: Paula (ONPC)

Name: Zandan
Age: 53
Birthday: m8 d10
Rank: Guard Captain
Location: Emerald Falls Hold

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (February 2019)

Physical Description of Persona:
Zandan is large, muscular man, six and half feet tall with biceps that burst shirts from the seams. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is quite handsome looking; despite the fact his nose has been broken few times. His skin is tanned nut-brown and his body boasts several scars from his long career as a guard.
He is deft fighter, although he relies on his brute strength more than skills. He moves surprisingly fast for someone his size.

Emotional Description of Persona:
"Friendly but gruff guard" is the impression Zandan likes to give to the people. Around friends, he is relaxed and jovial. But beneath lurks the brutal bully, who _likes_ to hurt others. He tries to control this facet of his personality, but sometimes his temper gets better of him. His is completely devoted and loyal to Corowal and his family. He feels no remorse and the fact he often does Corowal's dirty works for him doesn't bother him in the slightest.

History of Persona:
Zandan was born to a long line of guards. His mother Danbeija worked in the kitchen. He was the only child. His father Ezanor had a drinking problem and was often violent when drunk, mostly towards his wife and son. From early age, Zandan was a bully who enjoyed tormenting other children. He had always seen big-sized for his age and got used to being feared. He was around six or seven when he met someone who just refused to be bullied or intimated. His name was Corowal. Even when Zandan beat him, he just wasn't frightened (or at least didn't show it) nor submissive. Zandan was irritated about it first, but gradually that changed into a respect and to a lifelong friendship. The two of them got into the trouble often enough when growing up, but Corowal also curbed Zandan's violent nature and taught him self-control.
Zandan joined the guards as soon as he was old enough.

When Zandan was 23, his father was killed when broking up a fight between sailors. Zandan tracked down his father's killer and killed him. Corowal helped him to cover it up and to stage it as an accident. There was no proof, and Zandan was never officially suspected, but his Captain suspected the truth and Zandan was passed by when promotions were given.

When Corowal became the Emerald Falls Hold's Lord Holder, he asked Zandan to be his Captain. Zandan greedily accepted and moved to Emerald Falls hold. One of his first jobs was to prune back the Emerald Falls' guard-troops of those who weren't loyal to the new leadership. He also invited few trustworthy lads from Coral Bay to join him.

Family and Friends
Danbeija, 72, Kitchen worker (mother)

Approved: October 28th 2009
Last updated: August 7th 2009

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