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Persona Profile: Dysali


Name: Dysali
Age: 20
Birthday: m8 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Dysali is medium to short height for a young woman, roughly around 5'3. She will likely grow another inch or two, given the length of legs make strong by swimming, and tends to the curvy. She was not blessed with lithe limbs and a small waist, but she is nicely proportioned for her size. Twin imperfect dimples soften what is little more than a cute face, and her laughter is quite infectious.

Her constant swimming keeps her in good shape, for all that she is not incredibly slender. Athletic and energetic are her two most recognizable physical qualities, along with brightly intelligent blue eyes beneath an unruly set of auburn curls that she is constantly trying to tame with seawater. Freckles dust her small nose and round face, giving her a rather impish appearance, and not one of great beauty.

Her left arm bears a thin, white scar and she does not bother to hide it, or care if you ask her how she came by it. In fact, it is said she makes a wilder tale each time someone asks her, grinning all the while.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Dysali's background has given her a well bred belief that she is a strong, intelligent girl, who never had her desires repressed because they were 'wrong' or 'unhealthy'. Her emotions are all on an even keel - or so she thinks - and she has had only one outburst of great feeling. She is neither bitter nor self-pitying about the loss of her parents when she was 7 turns, and she counts herself fortunate to have grown up in Topaz Sea Hold where she had the freedom to choose her path.

Her sense of humor is well-developed, and she is liked quite well by most people she meets. She is intelligent, but distant, being very focused at times, which can make her seem aloof, or unreachable. She isn't, however, as her friends will tell you, upon being asked. She is a good friend, and loyal, despite this calmness of manner that marked her Mother.

History of Persona:
Dysali was born to two Master Dolphineers, the only and much loved child of Salia and Dyond. With their dolphin partners, she grew up in and around Dolphin Hall in Topaz Sea Hold. She knew nothing but love and happiness as a child, and as such, was a relatively even-tempered child. Once only did she lose her composure: to grief. Her parents were lost in a sea rescue when she was only 7 turns, and she became a ward of the Hall, educated along with the other children. It took time, but the sadness eased and passed, leaving Dysali with only one scar; she never seemed to form any intimate friendships or relationships with any other person in the entire Hall. She never Impressed a fire lizard, or adopted a pet. She had many what she would call 'dear, good' friends, and everyone seemed to love her. And she 'seemed' to love everyone. But she loved them all equally, never setting one or two above the rest. Instead, she put a great deal of effort into her studies, for at that time in her life, she thought that she would eventually make Master, as her parents did. And to a 7, 8 and on up turn old child, that seemed a big enough dream.

As she grew, she developed a passion for cooking, and helped out in the kitchen when not studying or combing the beaches and the surrounding areas for bits of pretty shell and other things. Her mother had left her a jewelry carving kit, and she, by 14, had become a fairly good creator of jewelry and hair pieces, all made with shells and any brightly colored bit of rock or cloth she found around Dolphin Hall, or swimming with her friends. All the dolphins knew of her 'habit', and occasionally brought her gifts from the sea itself.

She had never thought of becoming a dragonrider; they seemed to be above a simple girl like herself. She wanted only to continue the studies that began when she apprenticed to the Dolphinhall at 12 turns. That would not matter, as when she was 14 Turns, she was chosen by a Search rider for the clutch soon to be hardening at Dolphin Cove Weyr.

Immense shock and surprise greeted this revelation, not just Dysali's, but everyone at Dolphin Hall. Though, they had been glad to support the Bluerider's choice, and many promised to stand in for her 'family' at the Hatching.

She chose to go.

She spent a great deal of her two months waiting at the Weyr adjusting to Weyr life, and also, adjusting to her new path. She worked in the Kitchens, and she even made friends, the shell around her heart cracking in little pieces as she settled into life at Dolphin Cove. She smiled more, laughed more, and she even decided she might like boys.

The final blow to the shell that she had wrapped about her since her parents' death came when a very tiny, delicate dragonet called Lillyth burst her egg in pieces and came right for Dysali, changing the young girl's life in an instant. She and Lillyth were lifemated now, each to the other, and made their way (somehow) through training to fly in the Weyrleader's wing.

One of the first boys she met, D'ren, and she had developed their friendship into a very serious relationship. They were very happy for nearly two turns.

Then, at 15 turns when the hurricane struck in month 3 of turn 4. The Weyrleader tossed her - and the other 15 turn olds - into the Fighting Wings months before they would have gone. She was glad to go, though it worried everyone. Everyone but the 15 turn olds, that is.

During this time, Lillyth and Dysali were 'Scored for the second time. Once during the terrible accident caused by then Weyrleader O'dan - they had been just been bringing firestone sacks to the Wings - and then the second time after being sent to the wings a few months early.

She bears scars from both, though they are small and easily missed.

She survived that, and she is proud of Lillyth's ability in the Wings. But recently, after a friend of their's - I'ster - died fighting Thread, D'ren left Dysali. He ended the relationship on the grounds he was setting her free. It was the last thing - her 'Scoring and D'ren's natural tendency to take responsibility for others - in a long line of things that damaged what had once been a beautiful relationship. But there was no freedom.

Instead, it broke her heart in pieces.

Without Lillyth, she isn't sure she would have survived the loss of someone she loved so much. D'ren's leaving her has brought back all the insecurities and uncertainities of her days before arriving at the Weyr and Impressing.

Still, she's a dragonrider. And they survive.

Family and Friends
D'cal, 25, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (friend)
I'lan, 22, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (friend)
D'ren, 21, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (ex-lover)
Pierka, 18, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (friend)

Dragon's Name: Lillyth
Dragon's Age: 7
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Lillyth is very small, even for a green. But fast and agile, and a lovely shade of hunter green that shimmers in the sun. She swims often with her rider, having grown to love the dolphins that share the coast of their Weyr.

Now grown to adulthood, she is as nosy as Dysali ever thought she might be, and continually orders her rider's life to suit her whims. Confident in her rider, and herself, the two balance each other's faults except when it involves danger - both are more inclined to take risks than they should be, neither fearing the menace from the sky.

Imperious as a Gold, she adores D'ren's bronze Menanth but will flirt with any and all. Dysali called her "perfect" once and the green has never forgotten it. Her once perfect hide is now marred by an S shaped scar, gained from the horrific accident that occurred in turn 3. But it only makes her more beautiful to Dysali, and has never served as a reminder to slow down and have a care.

Chosen to fly in the Weyrleader's wing, the two are honored by that, and continually strive to show that they are worthy of the choice.


Wags, Canine: aged 5, born m4 d22
Wags is a furry brown canine with black spots, medium sized. She adopted him from B'vin, who did not want him. After some stops and starts, Dysali has managed to train him a little bit, though he still is quite the handful, always excited and wagging his tail almost non-stop. He is smart, but wild and Lillyth keeps threatening to eat him.

Approved: August 14th 2005
Last updated: March 12th 2016

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