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Persona Profile: J'darin



Name: J'darin
Age: 41
Birthday: m7 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Azure Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Woodsmith
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Carving

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Physical Description of Persona:
J'darin is tall with broad shoulders and narrow hips. His build is muscled but not overly so, since his previous craft was wood-carving. He has gorgeous, long fingers that are very skilled, and it is often those that women find the most attractive thing about the man, aside from his bright blue eyes. He has shaggy black hair that he keeps cut short to his neck, and stands an even 6'0.

Emotional Description of Persona:
J'darin is a grown man in his prime, or so he thinks, and reflects his dragon's pride in his clothing and his manner, and his work training Weyrlings. He has a lively sense of humor to balance some of the aloofness caused by his pride, and will surprise you with a joke or two once you get to know him, and get him into his cups.

He loves children beneath this austere face, and when no one is looking, he can be caught giving Weyrlings direction and "advice", though he tends to speak only to the bronze and brown Weyrlings. However, when approached by the blue or green Weyrlings, he is as helpful to them as to any larger color. He treats women with ineffable courtesy, though with a faint superiority, but had never made a lifelong connection with anyone until he met Devyn upon his return to Dragonsfall.

He longs for a child of his own to raise.

Women are drawn to his courteous manner and skilled hands, though he does not pursue them for bedmates as some bronzeriders might do, especially now that he has fallen head over heels for a greenrider 12 turns his junior.

History of Persona:
Jaydarin was the eldest son of a Master Woodcarver and his wife, who was a cook in the Hall. His father would not allow his mother or sister to apprentice to any crafts at all, and that attitude has colored J'darin still today, though living in the Weyr seems to have freed him from the worst of it. He grew up in the shelter of Amethyst Cliff and the Woodcraft Hall there, and when he was old enough, began to study in his father's Craft. He walked the tables at 18, and it was no surprise to find his specialty in carving, with those sensitive, skilled fingers one of his best assets. Those hands had already found their way inside many skirts, be they drudges or other girls there studying or working at the Hold nearby. Early on, he developed an appreciation for women, though it was perhaps not quite for their minds.

He had not had any other ambitions besides finding a lovely, willing woman to make a home with, and earning his Mastery in Carving, but that all changed shortly after he walked the tables.

A blue dragon alit in the courtyard, on a normal routine Search for Dragonsfall Weyr, before Thread was even a wrinkle in the clear skies over Pern. Of all in the Hall, Jaydarin was chosen, and the dragon also wished to take his younger sister, Jarie. His father, Jaydar, refused her in no uncertain terms, and it was with an oddly wistful hug that Jaydar bid his eldest son farewell a sevenday later. But pride rang in Jaydarin's steps, and he vowed he would not disappoint his father, whom he'd spent his life trying to emulate.

When he left home, his father gifted him with a flit egg from his own queen's latest clutch, and it hatched in the warm summer at Dragonsfall, giving Jaydarin a brown firelizard he called Oak for the dark, deep brown of his hide.

He stayed on at Dragonsfall and kept to his studies, standing for all the Clutches after, his pride not allowing him to believe for an instant that there was no dragon in his future.

He was standing for the last Clutch he'd be allowed to stand for, at 20 turns, and working hard on becoming a Senior Journeyman in his Craft, when Hasaarth broke his shell in two perfectly neat pieces, and came unerringly for Jaydarin, who was then called J'darin.. This pattern of neat efficiency would mark their lives hereafter, and the two swiftly grew into a very fine addition to the Fighting Wings. J'darin and Hasaarth rose to Wingsecond rapidly, then were surprisingly recommended as Weyrlingmaster Second to Dolphin Cove.

Eventually J'darin found himself Weyrleader of Dolphin Cove, and after two turns of successfully leading the Weyr through even more tragedies, the bronzerider was scored badly in a Threadfall trying to save a weyrling delivering firestone sacks. With Hasaarth unable to fly when Nyith Rose to mate, J'darin lost the Weyrleadership.

A large, jagged scar travels all the way down his right arm and leg, but while he and Hasaarth have healed physically, J'darin still bears mental and emotional scars.

Unable to get along with the new Weyrleader, N'vanik, who condemned J'darin for some of the tough decisions he made while Weyrleader, J'darin, when his father died, seized the opportunity to come home to Dragonsfall, where he uses all his experience as their Weyrlingmaster.

The change from Weyrleader to Weyrlingmaster wasn't easy, though, and J'darin took up drinking seriously. Things were rapidly heading out of control, but with the help of his friend P'nal and a beautiful greenrider named Devyn, he was shocked out of his downward spiral. The temptation to drink remains strong, especially given the emotional roller coaster he lives in when training weyrlings. But, so far, he is winning this battle.

After a great deal of mistakes, J'darin has somehow managed to convince Devyn to move in with him and become his Weyrmate. He considers himself the luckiest bronzerider on Pern, but only time will tell if this, his first serious relationship, will work out in the end.

In month 12 of turn 7, J'darin retired as Weyrlingmaster and became just another bronzerider. Time will tell if the proud lifemate to Hasaarth can handle his new role. And if he and G'nir can handle flying in the same Wing.

Family and Friends
Devyn, 29, Wingrider, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Weyrmate)
Jaydar, 66, Master Woodsmith (Father)
Arin, 63, Cook, wife and mother (Mother)
Jarie, 29, Woodcraft Hall (younger sister)
Aydin, 31, Journeyman Harper (younger brother)

Dragon's Name: Hasaarth
Dragon's Age: 21
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Hasaarth is a very proud and noble bronze. They all are, but he seems to take even more than usual pride in himself, his abilities, and his rider. He always wants J'darin to look his best and he preens almost like a green. It is not vanity, but a more masculine pride. His hide is an almost coppery bronze, shining brightly in the sun, though now it is marred by a jagged - if healed - scar on his right wing and side.

Hasaarth has always believed he deserved a Gold queen, and finally found his mate in Nyith. Attuned to golds from his long desires, he is often the first bronze, besides her current mate, to know when a Gold is about to Rise.

Both Hasaarth and his rider were sorely wounded in an ill-timed Threadfall just days before Nyith Rose to mate. Unable to fly, they lost the Weyrleadership through no fault of their own.

Hasaarth accepted the loss of Nyith as his mate, and the move back to his Hatching place at Dragonsfall with the ease of all dragonkind.

Though the bronze still firmly believes he and J'darin are more than worth of a gold, and will catch one again, he seems quite content to be back in the position of training Weyrlings again, and is even more content to have a lovely green dragon to share his weyr.


Oak, Brown Firelizard: aged 23, hatched m9 d6
Oak was a gift from J'darin's father when he left for Dragonsfall Weyr, and he is a nutty, dark brown with mottled spots under his wings that look like acorns. He is as loyal and strong as his name suggests, and tends to copy the large bronze dragon that shares his person's life. He is very intelligent, and is very good at delivering messages, and even gets along quite well with Hasaarth, who likes his hide to shine with Oak's eager help.

Approved: October 11th 2005
Last updated: March 11th 2016

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