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Persona Profile: Varija


Name: Varija
Age: 46
Birthday: m2 d15
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (June 2009)

Physical Description of Persona:
Varija is attractive looking woman. She is of medium height and perhaps tad bit overweight. She has what you can only call a full figure. Her large breasts often cause her to have neck- and back –pains. Her hair is dark and she keeps it at shoulder length.
Her eyes are almond shaped, dark brown and surrounded by thick, long lashes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Varija’s saucy, even brash behaviour and disrespectful attitude towards authorities are there just to hide the timid, insecure and good-hearted hold-girl inside. She only wants to be loved. Unfortunately, this yearning for love often expresses itself as jealousy and clinginess in personal relationships. After getting broken hearted so many times, she has turned into bitter and mistrustful of men. She has an unusual hobby, painting small pictures on unusual surfaces like rock, egg shells etc.

History of Persona:
Varija was born in a hold near River Bluff weyrhold. Born right after the Plague, she was brought up to fill in a certain role in society. Her parents worked hard and long hours to feed their family. When Varija she was twelve, a Search rider picked her out. She impressed two turns later.
Attiath's first mating flight was traumatic experience to Varija. She had managed to stay untouched until then, and the rider whose dragon had caught Attiath, was not understanding. Varija became sexually active after that. Although she learned to enjoy sex, she also did herself damage. She calmed down a bit after her daughter Tenavarla was born and weyrmated with brownrider N'dai. The relationship was a rocky one, coloured with her jealousy and clinginess. She blamed N'dai every time his dragon chose to chase some other dragon than her Attiath. She also suffered from guilt when someone else but N'dai's brown caught Attiath. The relationship ended soon after their daughter Varnia was born. She started to throw out random, wild accusations. She managed to anger the Lady Weyrholder to the point she had to transfer to Far Island Weyrhold with her daughters and was not welcomed to return to River Bluff.
In Far Island Weyrhold, Varija soon formed a relationship with a non-rider, journeyman healer Lencir. For a while her life was good. Then she got pregnant and her previous jealousy returned. They broke up just before Lenvar was born. Lencir manage to take the boy off from Varija's care and Varija felt like the whole world was against her. She transferred without her son. Thayan Peak and Dragonsfall followed and the rest followed.

Her life soon formed a pattern: She stayed a couple turns in a one weyr and then transferred again. When she found a new man to her life, she ignored her daughters. When her relationship inevitably ended, she smothered Tenavarla and Varnia with her love and lavish gifts. She was very possessive of them. Every time she saw that the girls were getting attached to their fostermother, she changed the fostermother. She angered numerous headwomen that way.
When northern weyrs were re-opened, she was among first to move there.

When her daughters hit their teens, the rebelled against Varija in their own way. Tenavarla left the weyr altogether and married a hold worker. Varnia chose to apprentice in smithcraft only because Varija didn't like it. Varija felt that smithcrafting was totally unsuitable for a woman. Healing, harpering, weaving and bakery, yes, those were crafts for a woman, but not smith- or technicians craft.
Varnia also refused to follow her on transfer. She later moved to River Bluff Weyr and impressed there.
Varija continued her mobile lifestyle, now alone. For the first time, she started to wonder if she needed to change. Lately, she transferred back to South, to Dolphin Cove Weyr.

Family and Friends
Tenavarla, 27, Hold resident (daughter)
Varnia, 24, Greenrider (daughter)
Lenvar, 20, Apprentice healer (son)

Dragon's Name: Attiath
Dragon's Age: 32
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Attiath is rather large green. She is bright, almost minty-green in colour. Her personality is warm and caring and she is very level-headed. She often has to act as a balancing influence and the sound of reason for her rider. What she really can't understand is why the others can't see what a good person her rider really is.

Last updated: March 4th 2016

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