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Persona Profile: Parale


Name: Parale
Age: 38
Birthday: m1 d10
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Job: Foster Mother

Physical Description of Persona:
With a long mane of dark mahogany brown hair, Parale is usually found with it plaited and wrapped up on the top of her head. If left unbidden, it would easily reach the floor and then some. She has dark brown eyes to match, but a lighter complexion that she takes great pains to retain. Her nose is small, but rounded at the tip. She also has very full lips, that are a darker color than most. Parale is of average weight, though her leg muscles are defined. She reaches about 5 feet 6 inches in height.

Her clothes are rather average except she loves dyes. Parale isn't afraid to wear red tunics, violet skirts, or lovely blue headscarves. She also prefers to wear sandals with sturdy soles. Her ears are pierced twice and usually sport two hoops in each, one slightly larger than the other.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A very humorous person, this woman loves to laugh and chat. She continually holds a twinkle in her eye and can be found usually with a female or two at her side. She likes groups and doesn't enjoy being alone at all. Parale is patient almost to a fault when it comes to little ones, though she will not hesitate to rebuke an adult who she believes to be in error or behaving in excess.

A social creature, she is also very protective of those she considers her friends or responsibility. She will become angry and combative if they seem to be in danger.

History of Persona:
Parale was born and raised in Garnet Valley. She was born about 15 turns after the Plague hit the South. By then, some of the Holds were beginning to recover, but were nowhere near what they had been. Women were expected to marry and breed. Her childhood taught her to survive and make the best of things. Through her young adolescent turns, she worked hard to help rebuild the Hold and do the duties that would have once been performed by two or three people. When the Hold began to prosper once more, she agreed to become a foster mother, to give the younger generation the love and guidance she could offer them.

Recently, a journeyman smith came to Garnet Valley. Parale first fell in love with Ioven's children-Syren and Venrys. And then she found herself proposed to. Without holding any illusions of love, she has agreed to marry him to mother his girls and to finally have a family of her own.

So they have moved back to his home of Sunstone Seahold and she is finding her way to being a wife.

Family and Friends
Ioven, 44, Senior Journeyman Smith, Sunstone Seahold (Husband)
Venrys, 12, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (Daughter)
Syren, 9, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (Daughter)
Alie, 57, Hold Resident (Mother)
Pastrae, 59, Deceased (Father)
Parys, 3, Hold Resident (Daughter)

Approved: January 16th 2009
Last updated: May 22nd 2017

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