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Persona Profile: Sarban


Name: Sarban
Age: 37
Birthday: m8 d10
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Male Persona (September 2010)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (December 2008)

Physical Description of Persona:
Sarban is average height. He has sandy blonde hair, that's never really cut straight. He keeps it in a haphazard bowl cut. His eyes are a hazel color, warm and friendly. His skin is a deep bronze color, tanned permanently from his turns in the South. His physique isn't yet giving way to age. Rather, he's in the prime of his life and his body is quite adequate.

He prefers light wear most of the time, open tunics, sandals, and short lightweight trousers being his uniform. Hold colors and ocean colors, like soft blues, greens, and whites are prominent in his wardrobe.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A very unassuming man, Sarban is open and approachable. He's kind, attentive, and generally easygoing. He likes to compromise, working together to find solutions. Known for his understanding, this man is someone people go to for advice.

Despite all of this, Sarban will not hesitate to give his opinion and to be understood. He knows what is right, what he wants, and how to get it. He just doesn't walk all over people to do so. Instead, he uses them to his advantage, building relationships he can count on.

History of Persona:
Born near the Seacrafters' Hall, Sarban was second child of Marlan and Saka, a pair that lived in a cothold, but worked in the Hall. Marlan was a journeyman beastcrafter and Saka was a drudge who was responsible for clothes mending, creating work clothes, and general seamstressing. Together, they had four children. Sarban's childhood was fairly normal.

When he turned 12, he apprenticed as a seacrafter. Spending the next fifteen turns on one sort of ship or another, he then returned to land. His father had died of firehead. Out of his siblings, he was in the best position to take care of his mother. She mentioned a cousin who had become something at Emerald Falls Hold. Deciding he had nothing to lose, Sarban took his mother and headed off in search of a new career.

Likely more due to his relationship to Corowal than anything else, he gained a position as an understeward. After six turns of that, surprised when his cousin ended up the Lord Holder, he found himself pressed into service as the Hold's Steward. His mother had passed on two turns before, unable to live without her husband any longer, so there had been nothing else to keep him at Emerald Falls Hold. With this new possibility, Sarban found himself curious enough to accept the position.

Family and Friends
Corowal, 53, Lord Holder, Emerald Falls Hold (cousin)
Ketarl, 41, Beastcrafter (brother)
Masa, 33, Drudge (sister)
Laras, 30, Baker (sister)

Last updated: May 22nd 2017

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