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Persona Profile: Lenala



Name: Lenala
Age: 34
Birthday: m7 d14
Rank: Weyrwoman's Second
Location: River Bluff Weyr

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Female Persona (June 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (June 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (March 2016)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (February 2016)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (January 2006)

Physical Description of Persona:
Lenala is a petite young woman with curves in all the right places. Even turns of riding has not managed to replace soft, sleek flesh with hard muscle--and Lenala prefers it that way, feeling rather vain about her feminine figure and having no intention of losing it. Her skin is a dusky tan that suits her curly black hair and brown eyes well. Her ready smile is sweet and friendly--but her eyes only rarely show a glimmer of intelligence, and never where anyone can see it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Lenala cultivates a façade of sweet vapid innocence so carefully that she's almost forgotten that she was once a fairly intelligent young woman. While perfectly reliable with the basic duties of a Weyrwoman's Second, it has been turns since Lenala showed even the slightest bit of independent thought. Instead she is cheerfully friendly to everyone and anyone, though hardly an interesting conversationalist. She good at social occasions and hosting visitors, having been well schooled in etiquette. The only time she shows any sort of subtlety is when it comes to men--she's very good at figuring out what they want in a woman and playing the part. Lately, she’s shown some improvement, perhaps she’s finally growing into a real weyrwoman.

History of Persona:
Lenala was born to a minor holder with enough money to have high hopes for his daughter's marriage. She learned her lessons early, everything her mother could teach her about making herself appealing to men, and how to submerge any unfortunate personality traits behind a vapid mask of sweet innocence. She was raised to be good, dutiful and obedient wife who used her man to get what she wanted. At first she hated having to pretend to be something she wasn't--but the sense of it became more than clear as she grew older. Sweet young girls married rich young holders and lived lives of luxury. Disagreeable women who insisted on voicing opinions to the men around them became laundry drudges and cooks.

For all her lessons in obedience, when she was found on Search by Vista Point Weyr, Lenala ignored her mother's protests and agreed to Stand at the next Hatching--and not just because the Weyr offered freedom. The gold egg on the sands represented to Lenala the ultimate freedom--a life of respect and comparative luxury that depended on _no_ man.

Though Lenala was not in the least bit surprised when she Impressed gold Vilarth, she _was_ surprised to find that possession of a gold dragon didn't solve all of her problems. Completely unprepared for the politics of the Weyr that she found herself caught up in, Lenala fell back on the only talent she had--manipulation of the men around her so often that it became more instinct than a deliberate choice. Even after several transfers brought her away from the original problem, she found it hard to let go of the habits forged from self-preservation.

Once she arrived at River Bluff, it seemed that Tsaera's influence might be exactly what Lenala needed to change. For a while, Lenala started to show hints of competency, which Tsaera encouraged.

Unfortunately, failure to control Vilarth during her gold's first mating flight at River Bluff ended in disaster: a clutch of 18 eggs instead of the normal 30-50. Blaming her failure on her attempt to be something she wasn't, Lenala fell back on old habits and seems to be letting M'galec make all the important choices in her life for now. It didn’t last though and eventually they broke up and not nicely either. Then Tsaera retired and Lenala fell into funk that bordered on depression. The new Weyrwoman Zharesti pretty much brushed Lenala aside and she was reduced to do her work dutifully but invisible. Things turned better for Lenala when Rhosyn took over River Bluff Weyr. Both having Impressed in same Weyr, they at least knew each other from before. They formed a something akin to friendship and Rhosyn was quite willing to push more responsibilities to Lenala. Especially when Rhosyn was pregnant. Lenala had to step up. She’s actually showing competence, although she’s still hesitant to take a charge.

Died in a earthquake following volcano erruption and tsunami m12 d20 t8.

Family and Friends
M'galec, 48, Wingrider, Cascade Wing, River Bluff Weyr (Weyrmate)
M'galec, 48, Wingrider, Cascade Wing, River Bluff Weyr (EX)
Leyanor, 65, Minor Holder (Father)
Cianala, 52, Minor Holder's Wife (Mother)
Cianor, 32, Sr. Journeyman Farmer (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Vilarth
Dragon's Age: 16
Dragon's Colour: Gold
Next Mating Flight: m2 d7
Description of Dragon:
Vilarth is a smaller than most of the other golds, but still a good sized dragon. Very light in color, with slightly darker shadows under her wings, Vilarth knows that she is beautiful--something her rider confirms almost daily. As for personality goes, she a true gold: imperious, demanding and protective. If left unchecked by her rider or angered she has bad habit of turning into a bully.

Last updated: June 16th 2017

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