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Persona Profile: Eridhiya


Name: Eridhiya
Age: 51
Birthday: m7 d6
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Master

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (November 2007)

Physical Description of Persona:
Eridhiya is frequently described as elegant and ladylike. She has a lady's figure, with a moderate bust, small waist, and wider hips good for childbearing. Being a dragonrider has given her musculature and strength, but she still looks like a lady of the blood when in Gatherwear or dressed up. Eri has a small nose, full lips, and jade green eyes framed with long lashes. Her skin is well-tanned, owing to her entire life being spent in a tropical climate. Her hair is brownish-red and falls to midback. She keeps it out of her face in elaborate styles all of the time except when she is working or drilling, in which case a simple bun and pins keeps it from being distracted. Few people have ever seen her with her hair down.

Eri has a dark birthmark below her bellybutton and next to her right hip that no one but she and her lovers have ever seen. It looks vaguely like a long-stemmed flower. A distinguishing trait that she has deliberately created is on her arms. By wrapping cloth bands around her arms and then tanning, she creates a banded effect. She inadvertantly stumbled across this when trying to tan in her youth, and liked it enough to continue doing to this day.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Eridhiya was born knowing her place in the world and how she was expected to act, and was content with that. "A Lady is quiet, follows men's lead, doesn't brag about herself, and is unfailingly polite." Eri was always told, and these lessons were taken deeply to heart. She has a quick mind and an excellent memory, and gets impatient with those who cannot keep up to her, but constant practice has resulted in her ability to master her feelings and conceal her flares of temper. Her ability to keep a cool head in almost any situation, crisis or not, makes her reliable and a good healer. The fact that she always listens and considers everything someone has to say makes her an excellent friend. While Eri will be honest about what she thinks, she always phrases it so as to soften the blow.

Eri is typically described as dignified and reserved, and because of her "Lady's mask", others find it very difficult to know what she is thinking. She is quiet and calm, preferring to listen rather than speak. She has a quiet pride in her knowledge of her craft, but tries not to be arrogant about it because that wouldn't be ladylike. Because she still behaves like she did when she was a Holder, people have made the mistake of thinking that Eri can be pushed around, but this is not true. She is always polite and deferential to others, but she has a will of her own and will not allow herself to be pushed around easily. As she puts it, she bends quite far but refuses to break.

The biggest exception to Eri's behavior is when she is at work. She dispenses with much of the politeness and focuses entirely on her work, blocking extraneous thoughts. She typically only does this while dragonhealing, but is capable of applying her intense concentration to any other task she has. She has patience and compassion, traits that help her in her crafting.

Impression and living in a Weyr has changed Eri's sexual morals very little. She has sex during flights and occasionally finds casual partners, but they rarely move beyond that. If she is to get involved in a relationship, it is always with someone who treats her like a lady should be treated. As a result, she has been known to engage in relationships with Holder men. She tends to be submissive in a relationship, with her partner's desires overriding her own.

History of Persona:
Eridhiya is the eldest daughter of the Holders of Peridot Plains Hold, a large and prosperous minor hold in Emerald Falls Hold's territory that has been in her family for Turns. She has several siblings. From an early age, Eri knew that she was a Lady and supposed to behave in a particular way to bring her family honor. She was taught reading and writing and figuring so that she could understand the running of a Hold, but most of her education involved the womanly arts. By the time she was 12, Eri was capable of preparing an entire meal alone, cleaning, sewing, laundry, and taking care of her siblings.

Eri knew that her lot in life was to be married to a man and take care of his hold, and she accepted that. Her only ambition was to marry into a good-sized hold. To that end, she was fostered to Topaz Sea Hold, where her mother was from, at 13 to make connections that would be beneficial late in life. While at Topaz, she was introduced to the art of quilting. Eri immediately fell in love with it and continues to quilt- when she can find the time- to this day. At Topaz, she met another fosterling, a young man named Kaivax, the son of the Holder of a minor Hold on the other side of the Southern Continent. They hit it off as friends immediately, though their courtship did not begin until after Eri's 15th birthingday. He worked up the courage to admit his interest, and she, enjoying his company, accepted. The pair wrote to their families, seeking permission to be betrothed. With his connections, her family could not say no. The pair gave into their passion for each other and began a sexual relationship that they did their best to keep discreet. They eagerly awaited the time that they could marry- Kaivax was supposed to remain there until he was 18, and he was only 17.

One day a Searchdragon landed at Topaz Sea Hold. This Searchrider brought tidings of a gold egg on the sands. Eridhiya was Searched for the clutch. Eridhiya nearly told the rider no. It was Kaivax who told her that if there was a chance she could Impress, she could not afford to say no. Eridhiya accepted the rider's invitation then and there. Her family was initially upset to hear about her accepting Search- she was a good girl, their eldest, about to be married to a good man, how could she do this?- but her promise that she would immediately come home if she didn't Impress the gold mollified them. If she Impressed, well, a goldrider in the family was a high note; if she didn't, she still had a highly advantageous marriage ahead of her.

Fate had a different plan in mind. Eridhiya Impressed to green Avesith on the Sands of Thayan Peak shortly before her 16th birthingday. No one had planned for this. Despite Avesith's presence and love, the new weyrling became despondent. She had gone on Kaivax's advice, his belief that the Weyr would be good for her, but Kaivax wasn't there. She would never be able to marry him now, and he had to inherit his own Hold, and that meant he could never run away and join her. Her Weyrlingmaster Third, a good and kind man named V'ryn, sat her down and spoke with her, becoming her friend and confidante. V'ryn helped her realize that since there was no going back, Eri would have to go forward with her life. She threw herself into her weyrling studies, which she had previously performed lacklustery in, and became a group leader by the time she graduated.

V'ryn advised her to take up a craft as well, since she was now able to. He believed that with her quick mind and memory she could excel. She realized that what she really loved was dragons, so as soon as she could she apprenticed to the Weyr dragonhealers. When she was 24, she and V'ryn became romantically involved. She had always been attracted to him but denied it; it was his confession of interest in her, like with Kaivax, that led to their relationship. The pair spent 4 Turns as weyrmates, and at 27 Eri had a child who she named Erivana. Life was perfect. She had a daughter, a weyrmate, and the new rank of journeywoman.

Life was shattered a Turn later, when a weyrling's errant flame burned a large swath of V'ryn's blue's side. Eri and her staff desperately worked to save him, and for awhile thought they had succeeded, despite the badly damaged wing and burned side. Yet an infection set in, and despite their best efforts he died a few days later. Despite his love for Eri and his daughter, Vanaryn found life alone unbearable. He drank a fatal dose of fellis from the healers and died in Eri's arms. Eri was consumed by grief and convinced that it was her own fault that she had lost her lover- she wasn't good enough, she hadn't known enough. Once she recovered from grief, she swore to stick to casual encounters from then on, which she did. She had several relationships with Holder men she met on convoy duties, but never anything serious.

Eri attained her Mastery when she was 42. When Thread began to fall, she and the other dragonhealers scrambled to deal with all of these wounds, the severity of which was nearly forgotten and the treatment methods of which had to be looked up again. Many friends were wounded and killed in the first Falls, so she spent her nights restudying everything she had ever learned and every record she could get her hands on, looking for any method or treatment that could be possibly used to increase survival rates. By the end of the first Turn, she had distinguished herself as a fine dragonhealer, and continued to serve admirably. Eri began to grow tired of disasters and of losing friends, though, and after the triple blows of Topaz' destruction, the disastrous Threadfall accident, and the recent hurricane, has decided to make a change of scenery. River Bluff Weyr, needing a Weyrdragonhealer, seemed a perfect location to go.

Family and Friends
Erivana, 21, Junior Weyrling, Dragonsfall Weyr (Daughter)
Eridan, 75, Holder (Father)
Iridhiya, 72, Holder (Mother)
Yadan, 53, Holder Heir (Older Brother)
Hiyada, 44, Holder's Wife (Younger Sister)
Iridan, 48, Cotholder (Younger Brother)
Daniri, 50, Holder's Wife (Younger Sister)
Kaivax, 53, Holder (Ex-fiance)

Dragon's Name: Avesith
Dragon's Age: 35
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m7 d22
Description of Dragon:
Avesith is a large green, almost as big as a blue. She is perfectly proportioned, though, just with everything sized up a bit. Her speed is that of a normal green, her manuverability about the same. She's quick enough not to get scored, and she's not afraid of skipping /between/ frequently. When it comes to coloring, Avesith is striking. She is deep forest green all over. Her underbelly is a lighter shade of green. All of her coloration is darkest in the center (her body) and gradually shades lighter over the extremities. Thus, the ends of her wings, legs, head, and tail are lighter than her body.

Avesith is a great asset when Eri is healing. During those times her rider's intense focus spills over the bond and reinforces the green's projecting of calm and reassurance to the injured dragon. Avesith is highly social. She loves attention of all kinds, be it from people or dragons. She's a particularly flirtatious green, and is often seen socializing with blues and browns and bronzes. She can get jealous of other female dragons who are getting more attention. When she's proddy, she becomes moody and makes Eri more moody as well.

Last updated: October 24th 2017

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