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Persona Profile: Daimhin

Writer: Cymiri

Name: Daimhin
Age: 37
Birthday: m12 d1
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Guard

Physical Description of Persona:
Dark blond hair tends to be shaggily cut, since he doesn't truly care about his appearance beyond keeping it out of his eyes. His eyes are a light green hazel, appearing blue at times, but generally staying light green. He is 6'3" and in good physical shape from turns of work as a guard.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Daimhin cares little for life outside his job, choosing guard work because he had no affinity for the farmhold, nor did he feel any lure for the sea. He's happiest among his fellow guards, or flirting with the younger women working at the Hold.

Still waters run deep, though. Underneath the pleasant, unmemorable surface, Daimhin hides a witty, on-the-ball brain and a sharp pair of eyes. Be wary of those. Really wary. He misses very little. He also remembers much, especially overheard gossip and barely-assimilated fact.

If its illegal shennanigans, sorry for you, you will go down. Daihmin takes his job seriously. Damsels out late at night or innocent holder's with bulging mark purses need look no futher for protection. If its a more innocuous sort of gossip or wrong, though, you might get let off the hook. The official hook, at least... he likes to keep his little store of facts for private use sometimes, though.

Those he reports to will be aware of his tendancy to absorb information and many may use it to help them. Few know the occasional other use it gets put to.

History of Persona:
Daimhin was born to farmholder parents, Daman and Aris, in a small farmhold beholden to Amethyst Cliff Hold. By the time he was ten, he was so dissatisfied with farmhold life that his parents reluctantly sent him to an uncle at Amethyst Cliff Hold. A guard there, his uncle saw it as a good enough job for his wayward nephew, so he ensured the boy was taken as a recruit at thirteen. Daimhin had worked his way up the ranks to a sergeant in the guards at Amethyst Cliff Hold, supervising the overnight guard shift.

Then disaster struck. Acquitting himself fairly well in that, he then settled at Amber Hills and into more or less exactly the same role.

Family and Friends
Daman, 65, Hold Resident (Father)
Aris, 63, Hold Resident (Mother)
Damaris, 19, Hold Resident (Sister)

Approved: August 5th 2005
Last updated: June 8th 2012

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