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Persona Profile: Tamah


Name: Tamah
Age: 55
Birthday: m2 d17
Rank: Senior Journeyman Seacrafter
Location: Seacraft Hall, River Bluff Weyr
Job: Harbour master
Craft: Seacrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Shipwright

Physical Description of Persona:
Tamah is 5í7íí tall, wirily built, weather beaten and tough looking man. His hair is black, streaked with silver and eyes are dark grey. He has large scar on his right temple and crow-foots around his eyes. He lacks two fingers from his left hand. He has other scars in his body that are most hidden by clothes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
On surface, Tamah is jovial, sociable person, who likes good company and good drink but who takes his duties seriously. He is very precise and pedantic, and nothing annoys him more than carelessness. Deep down Tamah is man who feels deeply, cares deeply and carries a grudge. He also suffers from periodical bouts of broody gloominess associated with heavy drinking. Then he usually seeks solitude and can be very mean-spirited and nasty if disturbed.

History of Persona:
Tamah was born in River Bluff Weyrhold as result of relationship between dragonrider and passing sailor. Tamahís father passed by the weyrhold regularly enough to Tamah to learn to know him and take his craft. Tamah was fostered in the lower caverns and had normal weyr-bratís childhood. As a lad, scouring the beaches around the weyr, he found a wild firelizard clutch. Unfortunately, something else had found it too. Tamah managed to save four of the eggs from the tunnelsnakes. Three of them clutched: bronze Zenit, blue Leeward and green Genoa.
Tamah stood in every hatching from age of ten to twenty one. But he didnít impress. After reaching his manhood and becoming too old to impress, Tamah went to the seas. He was away for two decades. Then, one day, his ship he was serving as a boatswain, was caught by sudden storm and ship-wrecked. In that terrible accident, Tamah was seriously injured and his green firelizard, Genoa, died. After he had recovered from his injuries, he returned to River Bluff, and switched specialty, becoming shipwright. Past six Turns he has been the harbour master.
He is currently weyrmated with a greenrider named Ondia. They had three children together. Theirs is typical weyrmating: Tamah isnít bothered by the fact that she sleeps with other men and she doesnít mind if he occasionally sleeps with other women (or men, Tamah ainít picky in that matter.) Tamah also have older children from his youth in River Bluff Weyrhold.

Family and Friends
Taren, 51, Weyrhealer, Dragonsfall Weyr (half-brother)
Drumilla, 25, Junior Journeyman Healer, Dragonsfall Weyr (sister)
Ondia, 43, Rider of green Nizenath (weyrmate)
E'mah, 35, Rider of brown Jurkith (son)
Tamon, 15, Weyrbrat (son)
Ondiah, 10, Weyrbrat (daughter)
Diamah, 9, Weyrbrat (daughter)


Zenit, Bronze Firelizard: aged 48, hatched m5 d20
Zenit is medium sized bronze with adventurous mindset and cocky attitude.

Leeward, Blue Firelizard: aged 48, hatched m5 d20
Leeward is sky-blue, small sized and more stay-at-home type. Both are getting bit lazy with the age, but they are also very well trained and useful assistants to Tamah.

Last updated: July 21st 2017

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