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Persona Profile: T'mahl


Name: T'mahl
Age: 48
Birthday: m12 d15
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Mechanical

Physical Description of Persona:
T'mahl looks turns younger than his true age. It is a curse that has plagued him all his life. Even in his forties, people take a look at his rounded features, his warm brown eyes and his dark brown hair with only the barest hint of grey and they assume he could be no older than thirty-five. It would also be easy to mistake the bronzerider for a crafter. He is the type of man that could easily get lost in a crowd if it were not for the way he carried himself. T'mahl always has an air of authority about him - confident, alert, aloof.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Having Impressed in his first Hatching at the age of twelve, T'mahl's transition from childhood to adulthood has been marked by the distinct feeling of being an outsider looking in. When he Impressed Uluruth, he was the youngest in his weyrling class, just barely out of Harper Classes. As most the others graduated, he was held
back in the Weyrling Wing for nearly four turns. Even though he was with people his own age, he was staff, not quite one of them. He was a leader, not just one of the guys. Moving into the wings, his wingmates didn't quite know what to make of him - he looked like a child, but he acted like a man. He was the new boy, and yet he was known to many as a leader. His status as a bronzerider made him attractive to the ladies, but he didn't
know how to talk to them or relate to them. This was how he spent his formulative turns.

Even as an adult he is aloof, not getting to close to many. People don't seem to always get his sarcasm and dry sense of humor. T'mahl has found it easier to play the authority figure around his peers than to be anyone's buddy or close companion. He feels more at home with machines than with human beings.

History of Persona:
Timahl was born in the Weyrhold to a crafting family. His mother was a Glassmith who did not want to give up her knots and settle in to repopulating Pern. Her husband, a chemist, found the craftban unfair and refused to step foot into the Smith Hall again until he could do so with his wife on his arm as an accepted equal. Timaren and Nahla had moved to the Weyrhold as soon as the Smith Hall adopted the craftban. They raised their son in their craftshops. Their dinner time discussions centered around their work. It was assumed that their son, and his two brothers that followed, also would join a craft as soon as their Harper Classes were over.

The young boy had barely begun his apprenticeship as a technician when he stood on the Sands as a candidate for the first time. Much to everyone's surprise he Impressed on his first try - a bronze called Uluruth. Still only twelve turns old, the newly named T'malh found himself moved into a weyr of his own and taking on adult responsibilities. Being as young as he was, he did not graduate into
the wings with his weyrlingmates, but rather stayed behind and was incorporated into the weyrling staff. There he remained until his
sixteenth turn.

His turns of leadership experience was evident from the start of his time in the wings. He was mature and confident, at least in the skies. Outside business, it was hard for him to make friends with his wingmates. Even his relationship with is own family, from whom he had been separated for turns, had grown distant. He found solace in his studies, which he decided to continue. Machines he could understand. However his studies were put on hold when he was promoted to Wingsecond at the age of twenty-three.

He remained in the position even when it became evident that Thread was returning. T'mahl did his part in drilling and preparing the wings for the first Threadfall. Nothing, however, could truly prepare them for that first horrible Fall. T'mahl watched in horror as rider after rider fell victim to the silvery masses. The screams of pain and the sounds of mourning filled his ears after that first chaotic fight.

In the very next Fall, T'mahl and Uluruth were the ones struck by Thread. It took a full turn, several surgeries, and months of rehabilitation before he could even sit on Uluruth again. To keep himself useful and active, the bronzerider volunteered to help with the Weyrlings once more. Now, more than two turns later, he is fully recovered from his injury, though the scares, both physical and mental, will always remain. He asked to continue helping in the Weyrlingwing, even after he was cleared to fly once more. When the position of Weyrlingmaster Second at Dragonsfall opened up, it was offered to him and he eagerly accepted. He was bitterly disappointed to find that the Weyrlingmaster was rarely around as he battled his own past with alcohol. T'mahl is determined to make the best of it, though he knew he could do a better job of Weyrlingmaster, if only given the opportunity. When it finally became obvious a change had to be made, his chance had finally come.

Family and Friends
Timaren, 83, Master Chemist (Father)
Nahla, 80, Master Glassmith (Mother)
Lamren, 44, Sr. Journeyman Smith (Brother)
Namar, 42, Sr. Journeyman Starsmith (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Uluruth
Dragon's Age: 36
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Uluruth is a very brassy bronze with duller, darker patches on his neck, shoulder and wing were his scars from an early Threadfall have healed. He is still regaining his strength and confidence though happily within the last turn has started winning mating flights again. After the accident he has lost a bit of his cockiness, but none of his charm. He proudly displays his scars for the female dragons, thinking they make him look rather distinguished and unique.

Last updated: March 4th 2016

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