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Persona Profile: Honalyse


Name: Honalyse
Age: 22
Birthday: m6 d14
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
With her crystal blue eyes, short cropped blonde hair and soft, rounded features, Honalyse looks like she has a wide-eyed innocence about her, though she has seen the darker side of the Weyr and Hold life. She doesn't think she's beautiful but men like her eyes and her round curves, which she developed young.

Emotional Description of Persona:
She's sweet and affectionate and looks for love in all the wrong places. Honalyse is used to men wanting one thing from her. Men have been looking at her a certain way since she entered puberty. Between the older boys in the Hold and older boys at the Weyr, she apparently has become a magnet for all the worst kinds of men. She's had her heart broken a thousand times, but she still longs for that special attention that seems to elude her. As such the smallest kind word or gesture can cover over a multitude of hurts. When her friends point out a man isn't good for her, she falls back on the age old excuse, "You don't know him like I know him", and she actually believes it's true.

History of Persona:
She was middle child born to an ambitious assistant steward and his hardworking wife. With two older siblings and two younger, her mother always had her hands full. Though all her physical needs were met, attention was the one thing she really wanted, but never seemed to get. It seemed her parents really only saw her when she did something wrong.

When her body started to change and boys started to notice her, she welcomed it. Finally someone was giving her the attention she had always felt was lacking. Even when she knew it was wrong to let them look at her and touch her like that, she finally had the positive reinforcement she craved. They made her feel beautiful and interesting. They made her feel wanted, even if the other girls her age shunned her for all the attention she was attracting.

When a Searchrider came to her Hold and found her, she could not be more excited. The Searchrider said the Weyr _needed_ her. She had never felt needed before! Despite her parents objections, she quickly agreed to go with the rider. Her life changed in an instant. Honalyse bloomed at the Weyr. She could start completely over. None of the girls knew her reputation, none of them felt threatened or jealous of her. In fact, they were _intereted_ in the things she had seen and done. They all wanted to know what she knew and she was more than happy to tell them. They would lay in their in their bunks late into the night, giggling and whispering.

And there was nothing wrong about any of it at the Weyr! It didn't have to be a secret anymore. She could openly flirt with men and boys, steal off into their weyrs, into dark corners, into abandoned rooms, even bunks if she was careful. Honalyse like being admired by them, liked seeing that look of appreciation in their eyes, liked being romanced and seduced. But then there was the inevitable, confusing moment when it seemed she had outlived her usefulness. It was the 'Thank you, you were wonderful! I'll see you later'... and yet they seemed to disappear. She began to realize that there were women everywhere competing for the same men. In the Hold she had been special, but at the Weyr... Honalyse became just one of many.

She began to long for men who would make her feel like she was the only one they wanted. Thus began a string of monogamous relationships with any man who showed the slightest interest in her for more than just a night. She began to find men who other girls seemed to pass over. They wanted to have a pretty young girl to follow them around, who would do anything for their approval. Honalyse quickly accepted that she was just not the kind of girl who deserved a nice guy, that there was some fault or flaw in her that made it inevitable that she should find the ones who didn't always treat her so well. After all, it had always been that way. Even in the Hold, it had never been the nice boys who had sought her out. She had never been one of the 'nice' girls, either. It was only right that she fell in with all the 'bad boys'. They were the ones who were unwanted, unappreciated, misunderstood. They were her kind. And more importantly, they wanted her.

But that didn't mean she couldn't dream...

Dragon's Name: Tibith
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Tibith is slim, sleek, and built for speed. She is a bright, shiny malachite green. As for her size, she's in the small to middling range. Her personality is light and friendly. She loves children and flights, and likes splashing around in the water with them. She's devoted to Honalyse, and is her chief source comfort when her heart is beaten and bruised.

Last updated: January 6th 2016

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