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Persona Profile: Keayd

Writer: Paula

Name: Keayd
Age: 27
Birthday: m7 d21
Rank: Junior Journeyman Vintner
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Keayd (or Key for short) is medium height with normal weight and build. His hair is dark and long, eyes almond shaped and dark brown. His face could be called good-looking or handsome. However Keayd was born with right leg club-foot which makes him limp and makes his body look lop-sided. He often keeps his hair tied to his neck with leather string. Keayd’s facial expression is often wary and guarded.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Being born with physical deformity, Keayd often became target of other people’s cruelty. That has made him grow a tough shell around his inner self. He doesn’t trust people easily. He is often cynical, bitter and sarcastic. But underneath is curious, inquiring mind, meticulous and scientific by nature. Knowing how it feels to be mocked, Keayd is also capable to feel great sympathy towards the weaker or suffering people (or animals). That’s why he rescued Vena.

As far as family relationship goes, Keayd had always been close with younger sister Venciel and surprisingly, with his oldest half-brother Kedritt. He both hates and loves his father who had no time for “useless cripple”.

History of Persona:
Keayd was born in cothold deep in Western Barrier Range. He was first born of his father’s second marriage. Kedvenc’s first wife Elbritt had died in childbed, with her baby. He then remarried with Aydiel, a daughter of a vintner journeyman. Kedvenc’s cothold was barely feeding them all and life was tough. Keayd’s childhood wasn’t easy. Kedritt, Kedvenc’s first born by his first wife, often stood by Keayd, when he became target of their father’s ire.
When Keayd was ten, an avalanche destroyed the hold and killed several people, including Keayd’s mother. The survivors were forced to leave and moved to Amethyst Cliff hold. Kedvenc found a job as a farm hand and remarried again, with a young drudge named Lenke. Keayd started to hang around the vintner hall, fascinated by the process of turning grapes into the wine. He also met a mother-side uncle of his, journeyman vintner Aydiros. With Aydiros’s help, Keayd apprenticed to vintner hall when he came to the right age.
Despite his lameness, Keayd did well in his apprentice studies, especially with the theory. He was hungry for knowledge. He showed an early tendency for experimenting and once managed to turn a promising patch of wine into vinegar by an experiment. Other apprentices often teased or mocked him. His closest ally and mentor in Vintner hall was uncle Aydiros.
One day Keayd met by chance a beastcrafter, who was about to kill a deformed puppy. Keayd begged the man to give the puppy for him. He would take care of her. The beastcrafter doubted that the pup would even survive to the maturity. But Keayd proved him wrong and Vena became his loyal friend and companion.
Keayd walked the tables to journeyman only few months before the earthquake that destroyed Amethyst Cliff hold hit. His uncle Aydiros was among those of vintner hall who perished. It made Keayd feel like forces of nature were against him. First avalanche killed his mother, now earthquake killed an uncle he loved. Keayd and Vena relocated to Amber Hills hold with rest of the Vintner hall.

Family and Friends
Kedvenc, 64, Field hand ('father)
Lenke, 34, Drudge (step-mother)
Kedritt, 43, Holder (half-brother)
Sacily, 41, Hold resident (sister-in-law)
Venciel, 20, Hold resident (favourite sister)


Vena, Canine: aged 11, born m9 d17
Vena is small, round-bodied, black and brown canine with floppy ears and lolling tongue. Like Keayd, she was born deformed: her left back leg is stubbed and looks “unfinished”, she also lack tail. Despite this, she moves around with three legs with amazing agility. When she “wag’s her tail” her whole back body wags. On personality she’s friendly and affectionate, if little pampered.

Approved: September 8th 2006
Last updated: September 7th 2006

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