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Persona Profile: Corran

Writer: Avery

Name: Corran
Age: 38
Birthday: m13 d25
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Guard

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (June 2017)

Physical Description of Persona:
Corran, like his twin K'ran, would be called tall, dark, and handsome... if he was only tall. Standing at 5'1, many do not take him seriously at first glance. Someone that small, a Guard, they might wonder? Up until the "small man" smashed them into a wall and proved quite capable of beating them up. A closer look would show the strong muscles he has developed from an active life as a Hold Guard.

He is very good-looking, with strong but not unpleasant features. His eyes are a startling emerald green. His hair is a rich chestnut brown, trimmed to just above his eyebrows. It is shaved close against the head right above his ears, and his hair tapers at the back. His slender and yet strong hands are callous and mark him as no stranger to hard work- it's been his companion for his entire life as a Guard.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Corran is marked by the struggle between who he tries to be in his job and who he really is. In order to do his job correctly, Corran attempts to walk the fine line between getting to know those he protects and remaining fairly emotionally uninvolved- unfortunately, he tends to care about them very much, and because of this, any failure in his duties that leads to injury and death of those he cares about leads to strong self-loathing, blame, and guilty feelings.

Corran is highly intelligent and practical, but typically eschews logic in order to rely on his intuition. His gut instincts often turn out to be correct, which lead many to joke about him having unusual abilities; when he is wrong, it is usually spectacular. He is reliable and responsible, but knows how to relax- to the point of going overboard, even. If asked about it, he explains that those periods of frantic drinking and loving and abandon are the things he needs to keep himself stable- otherwise, the pressures of his job might drive him crazy. He's been involved with women before, with no permanent results.

Corran has killed before, and while he regrets that he ever allowed things to get so far as to have a life be taken, he feels no guilt at killing them, because in his mine they deserved to die for their actions. Corran sees himself as a protector, a shield behind which other weaker people can hide, and the first line of defense for people- a dispenser of justice. Honor of all sorts is important to him, with his own personal honor is overridingly important.

History of Persona:
Corran and Keiran were born to Valin and Hela. Hela was a small fragile woman, and the effort of having twins nearly killed her, so she gave them to her older sister, Serra, to raise. Of course, Corran never found out about this until after his eighteenth birthingday. Until then, he believed Serra and Neja to be his biological parents.

When Corran turned 12 and was asked by Neja what he wanted to do, he said that he wanted to go where he was most needed, and Neja suggested he apprentice to the Hold Guards of Amethyst Cliff. Keiran, though, had the heart of a traveler. To him, Neja suggested becoming one of the traveling Guards- Guards who went with caravans and other travelers anywhere on Pern. The two boys apprenticed in their respective paths, and rarely saw each other again after that.

Corran worked hard as a Guard, and excelled. He pushed himself harder than many of the older, taller, and stronger boys, until he could be their equal. The recipient of a lot of teasing, he didn't allow it to affect him too much. Sometimes he feared he'd never succeed, but he kept such feelings to himself.

Corran found he enjoyed riding runners both in his duties and in his spare time, and best enjoyed patrols around the Hold. Sometimes a little solitude, a little time away from people, helped him clear his mind and sharpen his skills. As his time in the Guard went on, people who thought he had joined on a whim or people who had laughed at him initially slowly began to respect him more and become his friends. He doesn't have many close friends, but he trusts all of his fellow Guards.

Corran's biggest claim to fame has to be the time he caught a bandit when he was on a night shift. The man, head of a small cothold running out of supplies, had been stealing supplies from local minor holds, and on that night was intending to rob Amethyst Cliff Hold itself. While Corran could understand the man's plight, he refused to let him go, firmly believing that theft couldn't be right. He received a promotion for this.

With the earthquake at Amethyst Cliff Hold, Corran had lost the place he's worked all of his life. Also, the loss of his family's cothold and grave injury of his father grieves him. He found adjusting to Amber Hills to be quite the challenge.

Near the end of the 7th Turn of the Pass, he was gifted with a firelizard egg by his brother. Now he has the challenge of training Warden.

Family and Friends
K'ran, 38, Weyrsecond, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (brother)
Serra, 79, Cook (mother)
Neja, 87, Retired Guard (father)


Warden, Brown Firelizard: aged 2, hatched m11 d10
Warden is a small brown firelizard with long wings and legs. He is a rich mahogany in color. His head and legs are a darker brown more like klah bark.

Warden is still overly excitable because he's a baby, so he has a habit of chittering loudly and flapping around to examine things. As he ages and is trained, he will retain being curious and will prefer to follow Corran around. He really likes watching living creatures (people, animals, insects).

Approved: June 11th 2006
Last updated: July 14th 2015

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