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Persona Profile: Gilsha


Name: Gilsha
Age: 37
Birthday: m8 d15
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
There are two words that describe Gilsha - long and secretive. She has a long body, long arms, long fingers, long dark brown hair. Secretive describes her eyes and her smile. Both are used to her best advantage to charm others, but it's obvious that it will take a lot of work to find out what really is going on behind those cool blue eyes and slow, seductive smile

Emotional Description of Persona:
Gilsha fully accepts, perhaps even embraces the fact that death is inevitable, and that as a rider of a flaming dragon she just might not be long for this world. Because of that, the two things that matter most to Gilsha is Gilsha and Palialohath. They have depended on each other for turns. In fact, her green is the only thing she really trusts and believes in. Even so, she is not completely anti-social. Underneath the tough exterior is a soft, and reluctantly vulnerable woman. She just has learned to hide it well. She enjoys people, she enjoys drinking and partaking of all the Weyr has to offer. Flying Thread is her greatest thrill in life. Gilsha is always looking for a way to make a mark on the side, and she has moments of true kindness, selflessness, and generosity. But rules and relationships all are subject to being bent to fit her own priorities.

History of Persona:
She was born in a cothold in the vicinity of River Bluff Weyr. Her parents raised her to be a perfect southern woman, and she had accepted that her role would be to marry and give birth to many many children. She accepted it, but never wanted it. Somewhere inside her there was a building rebellion against the life she was intended to live. She saw the freedom and privilege offered her brothers, and a part of her knew they were no better and no more deserving than she was.

Her life changed when she was Searched. As she looked up into the searching green's whirling eyes, she knew, she _knew_, that all that those secret questions and doubts she had held all those turns had been answered. Despite her parents protests and threats, their once docile daughter showed her first moment of steely resolve as she turned her back on them and everything she knew and agreed to go to the Weyr. There she found the equality and freedom she had been craving. She embraced the life at the Weyr, but she needed something more.

Impressing Palialohath filled in the missing parts of herself. She felt like a whole person, ready to face the world. With her green by her side, she needed no one and nothing. Since there was no Thread falling, she knew she had to find a way to contribute to society. But she was sick of the south and all its repression and accepting of the status quo. She made a choice to move to the North, to survive any way she could - a currier, a transporter, a messenger - anything that kept food in their bellies. Gilsha and Palialohath lived a Weyrless life, moving from Hold to Hold, depending on each other, living by their own rules. When they felt the need for the company of weyrfolk, it was only a dragon's thought away after all. The rest of the time they lived by their whims and wiles.

When the northern Weyrs were once aain re-opened, she was reluctantly conscripted into Telgar Weyr(tm). Her solitary life came to an end. Suddenly she had to readjust to living life by other people's rules. Too much had happened in her life. Though Palialohath enjoyed the constant companionship of other dragons, Gilsha found moving back into the structured life of the Weyr a difficult transition. She had more than her share of confrontations and made several enemies.

Now she has decided to return to her roots for a fresh start. She requested, and was happily granted, a transfer South to Dragonsfall Weyr - a place where she hoped few people know her name.

Dragon's Name: Palialohath
Dragon's Age: 19
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m4 d3
Description of Dragon:
Palialohath is friendly and flirtatious, but she has her moments when she enjoys just lazing around and watching the world float on past her. Like her rider, she often enjoys getting away to somewhere new. She lives for the adventure of fighting Thread, and for sharing her life, thoughts, and tidbits of gossip with her beloved rider. The two can often be found lounging together just enjoying each other's company.

Last updated: March 4th 2016

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