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Persona Profile: Royani

Writer: Kaysea

Name: Royani
Age: 21
Birthday: m9 d13
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Benaroy's Daughter

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (June 2009)

Physical Description of Persona:
Royani is the very image of her mother, having inherited only Benaroy's bright blue eyes which she hides under often lowered lashes in a futile attempt to appear more demure. She is growing into a woman's curves perhaps more slowly than she would like, but she gives every indication of being a stunning young woman once she's had a little more time to grow up.

Obsessed with fashion, Royani is always well dressed and is not above modifying her own clothing to her own exacting specifications. She has high expectations for herself, and considers it her duty to make herself as appealing as possible to help her father find her a husband.

Emotional Description of Persona:
As the youngest of Benaroy's brood, Royani has always been the baby of the family, and somewhat sheltered by her older siblings, many of whom have children older than her. She doesn't seem to have suffered for the attention, though, if you ignore her assumption that only a Lord Holder or his Heir would be a suitable husband for her. At least she keeps these thoughts to herself, presenting the sweet face of a young woman on the edge of adulthood.

The only time she turns angry is when someone tries to usurp her position as the one who takes care of Lord Benaroy. It is the only time she can count on her father's undivided attention, and she gaurds it jealously.

History of Persona:
In spite of the trouble in the Hold, Royani has led a terribly sheltered life. She was the eigth child of Nimile, Benaroy's third wife, and her mother died when she was two, having never recovered from her birth. Mostly raised by various nurses and older sisters, Royani learned early that her fate was to be married to whatever man could provide the most advantages to her father's faltering Hold.

Though it might have been easy for Royani to resent her rather limited place in life, she accepted her duty and decided early on that she was going to do everything she could to not just be a suitable wife, but a highly desirable one.

For the past three turns she has done her best to make herself into the little Lady of the Hold, making it her personal goal to see that her father's needs are met and comfort is ensured. Although she claims that she is only doing it to have practice for when the day comes that she has her _own_ Hold to look after, Royani secretly is far more pleased that she has finally figured out a way to earn not just her father's approval, but his occasional attention as well.

Family and Friends
Benaran, 43, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Benaroy, 88, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Father)
Benamil, 33, Junior Journeyman Beastcrafter, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Milroy, 34, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Nimroy, 36, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Royan, 49, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Royah, 41, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Benani, 26, Lady Holder, Amber Hills Hold (Sister)
Yanley, 46, Headwoman, Dragonsfall Weyr (Sister)
Arippa, 20, Holder's Wife, Green Valley Hold (Niece)
Faldrimme, 20, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Niece)
Siya, 26, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Niece)
Benider, 21, Hold Resident (Nephew)
Nibaran, 19, Hold Resident (Nephew)
Vibenia, 14, Hold Brat (Niece)
Dahlbeni, 12, Hold Brat (Niece)
Vidaben, 10, Hold Brat (Nephew)
Anzha, 38, Hold Resident (Sister)
Milena, 31, Hold Resident (Brother)
Benil, 28, Holder (Sister)
Imaroy, 22, Holder (Brother)
Tenia, 40, Hold resident (Sister by Marriage)
Roten, 17, Holdbrat (Nephew)
Niaroy, 15, Holdbrat (Nephew)
Yatia, 11, Holdbrat (Niece)
Darfel, 12, Hold brat (Nephew)
Wilbera, 18, Nursery worker (Niece)
Fiser, 19, Beastcrafter (Nephew)
Kerel, 23, Beastcrafter (Nephew)
Thotha, 25, Holder's Wife (Niece)
Pyunn, 37, Holder's Wife (Sister by Marriage)
Lysun, 10, Hold brat (Nephew)

Approved: March 6th 2006
Last updated: February 6th 2008

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