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Persona Profile: Benaran

Writer: Vix

Name: Benaran
Age: 43
Birthday: m9 d8
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Son of Benaroy

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (August 2007)

Physical Description of Persona:
Benaran has his mother's crystal blue eyes and his father's dark brown hair. He also has his father's high forehead and smile, a high bridged nose like his father, but shorter and rounder like his mother's. Benaran also inherited his mother's natural tan. He is of average height and is broad shouldered and built strong.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Full of pride and ambition, Benaran tends to be a bit arrogant. He can be charming when he chooses, however, and he uses this to political advantage when the opportunity presents itself. He shares his father’s intense devotion to the hold, though in Benaran this is more related to the the personal gain such devotion will provide for him.

Alarmingly clever, Benaran has a knack for managing people and resources. Not only does he know instinctively which person is best suited to which task, but he does very well at inspiring people to do their best work. Additionally, he is talented at gauging the materials needed for a specific endeavor and staying within the budget for a given project plan.

Benaran thinks well on his feet and responds coolly and decisively in a crisis. This may be because he does not feel overly attached to the individuals involved. The holder’s son has come to see people as just another resource to be managed. This trait partnered with his arrogance makes him less than endearing to many.

Quite proud of his bloodline, Benaran believes that he deserves the best of everything. He enjoys fine wine, good food, superior runners, and beautiful women and makes no apologies for taking his pleasure. In his mind, as long as he is willing to work to further the hold, these things are part of his birthright.

As a boy and young man, Benaran had quite a temper, but his father taught him how to channel this into action. As an adult Benaran seldom loses control but sometimes his temper still errupts and then pity those around him.

History of Persona:
Benaran is the second son and is the fourth of seven children of Lord Benaroy and his second wife, Anley. He was born nine turns after the Plague that devestated Amber Hills Hold. At the age of five, his mother died while giving birth to his sister Anzha. His father re-married to a woman named Nimile. She gave birth to his eight half-siblings.

As a young man Benaran was indiscrete and indiscriminate in his affairs with women. He fathered three illigitamate children prior to his twentieth birthday. He was always concientious about seeing that the child and mother were provided for and well placed, using his position as Lord Holder’s son to see to this. Even still, Benaran was counciled by his father about his relationships, and curtailed his activities somewhat.

Benaran fostered for only two turns at Saphire Meadows Hold before he was called home to Amber Hills, but this was long enough to make some alliances. At twenty-one, Benaran married the sixteen-turn-old, Nidera, granddaughter to Saphire Meadows’ Lord Holder. A marriage he hoped would greatly please his father. Nidera bore him two sons, and then died in childbirth. Benaran was quick to seek another advantageous marriage and two turns later he married Vidahlia, a niece to the Lord Holder of Jade Harbor Hold. They had two daughters and a son before Vidahlia was overcome with an upper respiratory infection only two turns ago.

While married, Benaran continued with his affairs, though he had learned extreme discretion. Neither of his wives knew about his infidelities despite the fact that over the turns he fathered at least two more illegitimate children. Each time he took care of the situation and kept it quiet, making certain that all involved were well cared for.

Benaran plans to marry again, but has not yet found the right woman.

Family and Friends
Benaroy, 88, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Father)
Benamil, 33, Junior Journeyman Beastcrafter, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Milroy, 34, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Nimroy, 36, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold ()
Royan, 49, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Royah, 41, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Royani, 21, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Sister)
Nidera, 7, Deceased (Wife)
Benider, 21, Hold Resident (Son)
Nibaran, 19, Hold Resident (Son)
Vidahlia, 7, Deceased (Wife)
Vibenia, 14, Hold Brat (Daughter)
Dahlbeni, 12, Hold Brat (Daughter)
Vidaben, 10, Hold Brat (Son)

Approved: April 6th 2007
Last updated: April 6th 2007

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