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Persona Profile: Felyna


Lady Felyna

Name: Felyna
Age: 29
Birthday: m1 d12
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold

Crayon Awards: Favorite Characters We Miss (August 2012)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (September 2010)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (September 2010)

Physical Description of Persona:
Felyna is a woman that makes an impression. Her hair is honey blond and falls to her shoulder blades in soft waves. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of green, framed by dark lashes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Despite her occupation in life, Felyna is actualy a well-balanced young woman. She's vivacious and gets along well with anyone. In fact, she makes it a special point to stay on everyone's good side. If she does wind up getting her feelings hurt or becomes angry with someone, she shunts it off to the side and only deals with those feelings in private.

History of Persona:
Felyna is the eldest daughter to a minor holder beholden to Emerald Falls Hold. She was raised as any young Southern woman should be raised - believing that her purpose in life is to marry and produce children someday. She's accepted that this is her lot in life but doesn't _like_ it. She bought a firelizard egg off a trader passing through when she was 10, and it hatched her constant companion - blue Xebex. Her father has held out for a high station for his adored daughter, so hasn't arranged for a marriage for her as yet. Knowing that the Lord of Emerald Falls is in need of a wife _someday_, he has sent Felyna and her younger sister to the main hold in the hopes that one of them will catch the young Lord's eye.

A few turns have passed and Felyna has become Lady Felyna, marrying the current Lord Holder, Corowal. Some say she is just after the title and doesn't really love him, but truly she isn't _quite_ that manipulative. Actually, in Corowal she has found a man who appreciates her sharp mind and encourages her to use it, making her easier with a well-bred Southern woman's position in life - wife and mother.

The only problems are a bastard daughter, a fostermother that lives right in the suite with Corowal and Felyna, and Corowal's straying eyes. Wedded bliss, indeed.

Felyna's entire purpose, now that she is Lady Holder, is to stay that way and make certain both she and Corowal and all their children are respected and well-thought of on the Southern continent.

When Felyna lost her first babe - Corowal's son Felwal - it nearly undid all of her perfect planning for her "perfect" family. The tragedy bound her together with her husband in love. What she had felt as appreciation and attraction developed into a deep, warm, love for him.

Then something happened that tore even that fragile feeling away... Now coldness reigns between them, and while she never takes off the locket Corowal gave her as a memory of their lost son, the rest of what had formed between them has shattered.

She still maintains the sham of their "perfect" life. In fact, no one is better at acting as if nothing is wrong, when everything is wrong...

Maybe one day what was broken will be made whole. A Lady can always hope.

~~In m13 of t8 - Lady Felyna passed away during childbirth. She had twins though one had died prior to birth. One was delivered alive.

Family and Friends
Corowal, 53, Lord Holder, Emerald Falls Hold (Husband)
Arippa, 19, Holder's Wife, Green Valley Hold (Foster Daughter)
Mariokan, 63, Minor Holder (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Father)
Lis, 62, Holder's wife (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Mother)
Ujkan, 6, Hold Resident (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Brother)
Blek, 6, Hold Resident (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Brother)
Olykt, 6, Hold Resident (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Brother)
Nurisa, 6, Hold Resident (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Sister)
Oliska, 6, Hold Resident (Hidyn Hold, EFH) (Sister)


Xebex, Blue Firelizard: aged 17, hatched m13 d29
Xebex is a dark midnight blue in color that fades to a lighter blue at his feet and tail tip. He is Felyna's constant companion and is rarely seen without his tail twined about her neck. Knowing his friend's desire for adventure, he constantly regales her - as best as a firelizard can - with his occasional expeditions.

Last updated: August 24th 2017

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