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Persona Profile: Sh'vair


Name: Sh'vair
Age: 21
Birthday: m10 d7
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Sherevair is in the throes of adolescence. Though only an average height, it is the result of a sudden growth spurt, giving him the appearance that he has not yet grown into his arms and legs. His face too is long with a pointed chin, and he was horrified to find that even he has fallen victim to acne. Unruly brown hair just completed the image of awkward adolescence. Only his deep blue eyes betray the maturity which lies underneath.

Emotional Description of Persona:
If there was only one word that could describe Sherevair, it would be compassion. He has a deep need to help make the people around himself, as well as the animals he works with, live a better life. If someone needed his food, his belongings, the shirt off his back, the boy would give it to them without hesitation. This is a trait some have taken advantage of, and despite the hurt that has caused from time to time, Sherevair would rather that then feel guilt for not giving his all to one who needed him. It also gives him the need to "fix" people, even when they cannot or do not want to be fixed

History of Persona:
Sherevair was born to a female crafter and her bluerider weyrmate. Though he felt loved by both his parents, his mother found it difficult to handle her weyrmate's wanderings. His father would try to remain faithful for her sake, but every few turns or so after a particularly successful flight, his father would begin to come home late and disappear on restdays. Though they tried to hide their troubles from their son, Sherevair would listen at their door to their discussion - either his father give up his new lover or his mother would leave. Uncertainty would settle into their small home until finally his father would decide he loved his mother too much to leave her and all would be well for the next few turns.

The experience gave Sherevair a deep need to protect and comfort his mother. He learned to be particularly attentive to her during those times. It was not long before his gentleness and caring spilled over to those around him. Whenever he came across someone hurting or in need, he found himself drawn to them. He found deep satisfaction in the feeling of being needed.

As soon as he was old enough, he began standing on the Sands in the hopes of one day Impressing, for what a greater feeling could their be than the mutual love between a dragon and his rider? Between time standing on the sands, Sherevair enjoys his studies as a Beastcrafter, where he can shower the animals under his care with love and affection.

Family and Friends
Shendall, 45, Vintner (Mother)
V'ron, 43, Bluerider (Father)

Dragon's Name: Nidogath
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Nidogath is as kindhearted as his rider. Though he is usually a very friendly and happy little fellow, he cannot stand it when his rider or others are distressed. He wants to help and fix things so that everyone can be as happy and comfortable as he is.


Adori, Canine: aged 14, born m4 d17
Adori is a large black canine that loves and adores her boy almost as much as he does her. Since he was 8 turns old they have slept in the same bed, and can often be found playing together whenever he's not busy with his duties.

Last updated: March 4th 2016

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