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Persona Profile: F'lin

Writer: Yvonne

Name: F'lin
Age: 24
Birthday: m2 d6
Rank: Wingsecond, Rapids Wing
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Job: Carpenter

Physical Description of Persona:
F'lin is over six feet in height, and although he's slim he's certainly not skinny. His dark brown hair is not quite long enough to tie back, his eyes are a friendly hazel, and his smile is wide and frequent. He's got a scar on his left ankle from when he scraped up against coral swimming as a child, and both sets of knuckles are scarred up from carpentry - and fighting. He also snores loud enough to wake the dead.

Emotional Description of Persona:
F'lin's ready for life, and life had better be ready for him! Although he was born at a Hold, he's eagerly embraced Weyr life. This translates into a lot of enthusiasm, a healthy dose of ambition and the occasional mood swing. Although generally cheerful, F'lin sometimes will descend into a funk that causes him to isolate himself and lash out at friends and family. This doesn't happen often, and it's usually the adrenaline of Threadfall that will shake him out of it. To F'lin, fighting Thread is the most important duty there is.

History of Persona:
Although born at Topaz Sea Hold, F'lin (born Felarin) has spent his entire life around dragons. When not visiting his Weyrwoman grandmother at River Bluff, he was being entertained by his dragonriding aunt and uncle from his mother's side. A dragonrider's life seemed very glamorous to the young Felarin - and to the older Felarin as well, much to his mother's horror.

F'lin was never Searched, and for the longest time that stopped him from thinking about Standing. Then the hurricane at Topaz Sea Hold took his father, and the helplessness he felt at his own inability to protect his family led him to write to his grandmother and beg for a chance to Stand. His mother was heartbroken and begged him to stay, but he refused. By fighting Thread he hoped to find redemption for his inability to save his father.

F'lin's Impression caused a rift between his mother and himself. His mother hasn't forgiven him for leaving her, and her grudge has caused him to carry one of his own. His grandmother advised him to wait it out, but the longer that they go without contact, the less he's sure that he wants to make up with his mother.

When Tabanirth didn't rise and Tsaera retired, F'lin found himself saying goodbye to his mentor and only family at the Weyr. Her departure has fanned the flames of his ambition, and he dreams of one day taking on Weyrleadership himself and walking in his grandmother's footsteps.

Family and Friends
Tsaera, 72, Wingrider, Cascade Wing, River Bluff Weyr (Grandmother)
Everlyin, 45, Holder's wife (TSH) (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Seneth
Dragon's Age: 4
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
A dusky bronze, Seneth is of average size and wingspan. He is curious and likes to figure things out, but can be somewhat ponderous and serious.

Last updated: March 1st 2016

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