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Persona Profile: L'pin

Writer: Avery

Name: L'pin
Age: 51
Birthday: m3 d21
Rank: Weyrlingmaster Third
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Archivist

Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (December 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (June 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (September 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (August 2014)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (November 2006)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (May 2006)

Physical Description of Persona:
L'pin has a tall and rangy build and looks delicate and underfed, even though he can do more work than his thin frame appears capable of. His light brown hair falls a little past his shoulders, appearing unkempt. He has soft grey eyes, the kind of eyes that make you want to trust him. His nose is small, his cheekbones set high. His skin is pale, giving him a sickly look even when he is perfectly fine. It also has a tendency to burn, leaving him look scalded. His features seem like they would not match. The hair and the eyes contrast and his small nose looks like an afterthought. However, these little quirks give him a certain charm all his own.

L'pin has this tendency to look unkempt. He's a bit of a packrat and gets every use from clothes that he can. Rather then obtain a new jacket, he'll just keep patching it. His hair also refuses to be combed or to cooperate, and he sometimes forgets to trim it unless someone reminds it. It gives him what might be deemed an absent-minded professor sort of look. Unfortunately, it doesn't give him the immediate impression of someone respectable, upstanding, and a rolemodel. A slight limp from a childhood injury exists, though if he walks with just the right gait it's barely noticible. There's quiet dignity at odds with his plain features that surrounds him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
L'pin is someone who is very easy to get along with. He's intelligent and has a gentle nature and a sense of good humor that serves him well in interactions with others.

An introvert by nature, L'pin is happiest when surrounded with hides and other repositories of knowledge, though he'll accept invitations to events if offered. He interacts fine with people professionally; though he likes to mostly keep to himself, he always takes the time for greetings and pleasantries. He just prefers to be either alone or with a few close friends when it comes to being social.

L'pin enjoys being a mentor and fatherly figure, and his patience and gentle sense of humor make him an excellent teacher. He never makes his pupils foolish or incompetent, and always takes extra time to help them out with tasks. They can come to him with any issue. What's more, he's capable of teaching in such a way that people listen- he has a quiet dignity and authority that usually gets people to listen to him. It is that which has allowed the delicate-looking man to rise to positions of authority, the aura of gentle confidence and sense that you can trust him that surrounds him.

L'pin's other passion, besides teaching, is hides. He actually enjoys the tasks of report-writing, hidework, and reading hides. His handwriting is extremely neat and legible, and he loves the feeling of hide and inscribing onto them. He usually volunteers for anything that needs to be done involving hides, and people are glad to give them to him.

History of Persona:
Luurpin was the son of a Harper father, Luuran, and his wife, Tepina. He was born at Emerald Falls Hold, the third of four children. Luurpin was always a quiet boy, more inclined to hang around his father and listen to music then go outside and play with his older brothers. He learned to read and write early because of his attention to his father's craft. Hides interested him early on, and he would often ask his father for something to read. Tepina disapproved that he wanted to stay indoors so much- she wanted him to behave like his other brothers. Luuran enjoyed the fact that this son had a passion for his craft, however he worried a bit about his son, just as his wife did.

When Luurpin was seven turns, he was outside playing with his brothers as ordered when he was seriously injured- his leg shattered and taking months to repair- by a combination of their roughhousing and his clumsiness. He wasn't too good with his body; his only talents were with writing beautiful copies and reading at an amazing rate. His parents reacted with dismay to his accident, especially as it left him with a limp at such an age- and from then on his mother allowed him to stay in. In fact, she began to smother him. Luurpin didn't mind it all that much, actually. He was helping his sister Nara learn to read and write- she was a bit of a dimglow, and he tried his best to help her where no one else would.

At the age of twelve turns he apprenticed to the Harper Hall. No one was surprised by his decision. He of course took to it like a fish to water. His voice, a pleasant enough tenor, was good enough that the masters wanted him to pursue singing. He didn't want to, however. Instrument playing and singing weren't the aspects of Harpering he was interested in. Archiving and possibly teaching was what he enjoyed the most. Around the age of fourteen to fifteen, Luurpin realized that he liked males when he developed a crush on a fellow apprentice. Knowing that this wouldn't be accepted, he clamped down on it. As a cover, he tried clumsy attempts at flirting with females, but soon realized he was getting nowhere and stopped trying. He felt a certain guilt and shame and this and struggled to keep it from overwhelming him. For awhile it interrupted his concentration, until finally he threw himself wholeheartedly into working his hardest to achieve his mastery.

Luurpin walked the tables at eighteen turns and decided to specialize in archiving. Again, this surprised no one. What was the real surprise was his choice of post - Vista Point Weyr. His parents were shocked that he was heading to any weyr, but most surprised that it wasn't even Dolphin Cove, which was at least nearby. Luurpin's exuse was that Vista Point needed an archivist more then Dolphin Cove, and that he was a Harper and wanted to travel to other sides of Pern. In reality he just wanted to experiment with his needs where his parents wouldn't know.

Luurpin wasn't there more then a few sevendays before a young green dragon (barely out of Weyrlinghood) declared that he would make an excellent dragonrider. Though some were doubtful of his Search - even Luurpin was - he agreed to Stand. Even if he didn't Impress, it would be interesting to see the event from a perspective other than that of the stands. It was lucky that he did, because blue Chaneth cracked his shell and declared to the now-L'pin that he was absolutely perfect.

Weyrlinghood was a bit rough for him, being unaccustomed to the Weyr still. He also had to deal with coming to terms with what Impressing a blue meant. Fortunately he was more openminded then most, having known already that he liked males. He didn't get particularly close to any of his fellow weyrlings, with the exception of making an odd friendship with Y'sani, preferring to spend the scant bits of time they weren't working with his blue or with hides. He put as much into dragonriding as he had previously done for his craft- Chaneth pushed him to accomplish.

His keen mind absorbed lessons easily, and L'pin did not miss a thing. He noticed the occasional flaw in how weyrlings were trained, but somehow never thought to correct it then. Prompted by Chaneth, he worked his way through the wings, proving himself an excellent, focused wingrider and eventually obtaining the rank of Weyrlingmaster Third. It made Chaneth happy, and it helped his love life a bit as well. And from that position, he could help teach new riders and prevent them from making mistakes. In his spare time, he worked on his craft, and achieved his senior journeyman status.

L'pin has weyrmated once in his life. A greenrider named Minara and her weyrmate Runard were a mostly-permanent couple. When Chaneth caught her green, he didn't think much of it. He was worried when Runard interrupted their postflight activities, however. Far from being irate, Runard was comfortable, and actually complimented L'pin on how lovely he looked. Still L'pin didn't think much when he left. He was surprised a few sevendays later when Runard, half-drunk, seduced him for a night. He sat down to talk about it with them both. Minara revealed that they weren't exclusively weyrmates- Runard had timed out of candidacy, and swung both ways, and sometimes he needed a male lover. So L'pin wound up occasionally having relations with one or the other of them, and it formed a comfortable relationship. When they had a child, they named him Ruumin- a combination of the parents' names, but with the double u pattern there to honor L'pin as well. L'pin helped raise the boy, though Runard did most of it; the two dragonriders were just too busy sometimes. Ruumin still loved them all.

When Ruumin was about seven, Minara was killed by a disease the Healers couldn't cure. Her pain and then coma sent her green /between/, and when she finally did wake, she died rather than live without her. Runard was devastated and turned to L'pin for comfort. L'pin allowed him to move into his weyr, and they coparented Ruumin, helping him accept and handle the loss of his mother. A factor that helped ease the memories for the three of them came when Y'sani transferred to Rising Moons, and invited L'pin along for the ride.

Sadly, he and Ruumin later suffered another loss to disease when Runard died from a severe case of firehead. He took in Ruumin permanently as his then- he was old enough to be apprenticed (a Harper, like L'pin) and thus didn't need constant care. They could be together when schedules permitted.

When Y'sani, who he'd gone through weyrlinghood with and long-time friend of his, transferred to Dolphin Cove, L'pin followed him. There he took on the position of Weyrlingmaster Second, where he served for a few turns. He was well-liked in the position, despite the doubts of then-Weyrleader J'darin (who saw little place for blueriders in such a high position).

He lost confidence in his own abilities as a teacher after his son R'min died in Blooding, and stepped down from the position to resume fighting in the actual wings. But time heals wounds, and now that the pain of loss has faded, he's rejoined the staff as Weyrlingmaster Third.

Family and Friends
R'min, 22, Wingrider, Cyclone Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Son)

Dragon's Name: Chaneth
Dragon's Age: 33
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Powerfully built Chaneth is a born workdragon, bursts of speed and longer-then-average stamina promised in every line of his body. Stocky structure accents the muscular build and powerful appearance of this not-so-small blue. Athletic and muscular, everything about Chaneth promises he will deliver an incredible job.

The appearance of motion over the mottled hide is a defining feature of Chaneth. He does not remain completely still, though it may look so- he slowly stretches his muscles, motion rippling down them like small waves across a lake. In motion, Chaneth moves with the smooth grace and inevitability of water, sometimes slowly and sometimes quick, sometimes rough and sometimes smooth; it all depends on what he's doing at the time, flying or fighting or relaxing.

Chaneth's distinctiveness lies primarily in his size, with contribution from his hide. His head has a strong pale greenish tinting over the natural deep blue. The rest of his body is a middling blue with greenish-blue mottling here and there, wavecaps on the sea. The fore- and hindlimbs are powerfully muscled and a slightly darker with the talons long and sharp, while the tail is more of the greenish-blue. The long navy struts support the wings that carry this large blue, and the wingsails are beautifully proportioned for their size. In flight he presents a long, large form that would be mistaken for a brown if not for the hints of blue agility. As a bulkier representative of his color, Chaneth certainly catches the eye.

Chaneth is an extremely laid-back blue who proceeds at the gentle place of water flowing down a river. He is blessed with a decent memory and a great amount of patience, as well as affection for all other dragons and their riders. His keen eye means that he's good at spotting distinctive traits, and he always tells his rider about them. He could be considered a draconic gossip, and would be if he shared the tidbits he learns about pairs with others. He doesn't, though, preferring to keep his observations between himself and his rider.

Chaneth is never one of the most active of dragons, preferring to laze in the sun on the heights. He enjoys being in the water and just lounging in it. Very sociable, he's liable to strike up a conversation with any dragon around. He especially loves the youngest dragons and tries to be fatherly towards them- it's one of the reasons he makes a good Weyrlingmaster's dragon. His observations of other dragons and conversational skills (high, for a dragon) mean that he can reassure younger dragons when he tries, and often does.

Chaneth's not obsessed with flights. He'll chase on a fairly regular basis, but losing isn't a massive disappointment. He's affectionate for the next few days to any green he wins, assuming she's amenable to his attentions. When his rider strongly prefers the rider of a specific dragon, Chaneth does anything to win that flight. When it comes to Threadfall, he's a competent flyer- but only that. Chaneth has the fighting instinct of all dragons, but he's not exceptionally gifted there. He's best at demonstrating, being comforting, and imparting advice to other dragons, like his rider, and enjoys mentoring weyrlings.

Approved: January 16th 2006
Last updated: June 9th 2017

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