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Persona Profile: T'kala


Name: T'kala
Age: 21
Birthday: m12 d25
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Tanner
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Takla hasn't yet hit his growth spurt he's only five foot two. He has brown eyes an dark hair worn short. He has gained muscle after weyrling training but stull shows no sighs of growning much.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Takla is clam and steady. He's used to being part of a large group and takes orders well. Being small makes him and easy target for bullies and he's wary when alone.

History of Persona:
Takla was born to a tanner and his wife shortly before his father was transfered to River Bluff Weyrhold. He's grew up in the Weyrhold and hardly even noticed when people begna calling his home a Weyr like in the old days. He feel the ideas within crafthalls and hold in contempt. His secreact dream has always been to become a dragonrider. On day five of month nine Takala became T'kala with his impression of blue Dagreth.

Family and Friends
Talaeren, 48, JM Tanner (Father)
Kalen, 46, Lower caverns worker (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Dagreth
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Dagreth is an even midnight blue.

Last updated: February 4th 2009

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