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Persona Profile: Riveenata

Writer: Avery

Name: Riveenata
Age: 24
Birthday: m12 d5
Rank: Wingrider, Volcano Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (February 2019)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (February 2019)
Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Female Persona (December 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (December 2017)

Physical Description of Persona:
Riveenata, better known as Riven, is around 5'5 and 119 pounds. She has a lovely shade of skin, a deep golden-tannish color. Some people, used to lighter-skinned people, consider it an exotic shade. Her eyes are a surprisingly light shade of cyan blue, constrasting with her warm skin and black hair. A small nose, pointed at the tip, and chin and jawline not too sharply defined but not lost in baby fat either finish off her face.

Her build is slight; she isn't the strongest of people. Her fingers are slender but not extremely long, more of an average length. Not exceptionally muscled, Riveenata is strong enough for the tasks required of a candidate and a healer, but not much more. In fact, she struggles sometimes. Her body is well-proportioned, with nothing looking too long or too short, and her chest is small.

She's actually quite pretty, especially when she smiles or is feeling good, which is often. However, she is completely unaware of this and disbelieves any favorable comments. She sees the rest of her family as much more attractive then she, which is true, but considers herself to be completely ugly.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Riveenata is a very warm, friendly, and loving person. She tends to be somewhat reserved, but she's not exactly a shy little rodent. There come some days when she is warm and effusive and approach others, though that is when she feels good about herself. Normally she does not, and those days are when she waits for others to make the first move.

Riveenata is a very sensitive and caring person. She is a very good listener and gives good advice, when people choose to seek her out for it. She is very intuitive and tends to trust that intution. Riveenata hates seeing people suffer, mentally or physically or emotionally, and works to alleiviate suffering.

Riveenata tries her best to be warm and courteous to everyone. It's hard to get on her bad side. On the other hand, she can easily be hurt, though she often shrugs it off as someone with a bad day...unless it happens over and over. She holds rankers of any sort in high respect. She loves pleasing people. To her friends she is loyal and dedicated and trustworthy, willing to hear any secret or any problem without judgement and to do whatever she can to help them. She respects rules and wouldn't dream of breaking them unless she really has to.

Her self-confidence isn't always high. She can still be a relatively cheery person, willing and agreeable and warm, when she isn't confident. But when she is, she's exceptionally happy and open. She would make a good partner in a relationship, always caring about the needs of her partner and being warm and supportive of them, however she does not have the confidence to seek one out.

History of Persona:
Riveenata was born at River Bluff Weyr to a pair of dragonriders. She was the second child. Riveenata had a happy childhood, well-loved by her parents. Her older brother never teased her or picked on her, but he didn't play with her all the time. They had a good relationship. Riveenata was happy when her little sister was born. The three siblings rarely fought, and when they did it was never serious. They played with each other and with other friends and themselves interchangeably.

Riveenata was always the most sensitive of the bunch. She loved animals, flits, and dragons alike and always tried to help any hurt animal or person she came across. She knew as long as she could remember that she wanted to Heal people, not animals, even though her compassion extended to them as well. Being a dragonrider was a wonderful thought-like Healing, it would allow her to help people. Thereven shared Riveenata's love for dragons, and also wanted to be a dragonrider, but he preferred working with his hands, so he chose the Smithcraft. Veneena, by contrast, had no interest in the dragons and only wanted to bake.

The return of Thread certainly changed this, but it wasn't too much of a radical change. All of the children had already apprenticed and began to move down their own paths. Riveenata chose to petition the Weyrwoman to stand when she was of age, and recieved permission. She was seriously focused on her Healercraft studies as well as candidate duties, and so didn't mind too horribly when she didn't Impress. After some thought, Riveenata had decided she no longer wishes to Stand, and instead decided to pursue becoming a Healer full-time. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to Journeyman rank.

In month 6 of Turn 7, she unexpectedly Impressed to green Savith despite the fact that everyone thought she was too old. Adjusting to weyrlinghood after she's been out of classes for Turns proved a challenge, and she had some struggles. But she's proud to have graduated successfully.

She moved to Dolphin Cove Weyr with her family after River Bluff was destroyed in Turn 7. Adjusting to a new home was difficult for her, leading to poor performance in Threadfall that got her reprimanded and grounded. Fortunately, not all has been bad in her life. Her acquaintance with former Wingleader K'lvin has become a friendship and is blossoming into more...

Family and Friends
R'ven, 53, Rider of brown Gleth (father)
Thereenata, 46, Rider of green Verith (mother)
Thereven, 27, Junior Journeyman Smith (brother)
Veneena, 23, Junior Journeyman Baker (sister)

Dragon's Name: Savith
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m3 d27
Description of Dragon:
Savith is on the small end for green dragons at just 20 feet. She has a predominantly jade hide with paler markings on her belly and the underside of her wings. She is delicate in build, with long wings and a long tail.

Her personality is outsized compared to her frame. Act first, think later is definitely Savith's motto. She is decisive and adventure-seeking, the first to step up for everything, and her confidence is boundless. She is nosy and loud, and can be somewhat bossy towards her rider and other dragons. She is always pushing for them to do more and be better. Fortunately, she has a sense of humour - offbeat, occasionally ludicrous, and sometimes dark.

Savith is fiercely protective of Riven and any threat, physical or emotional, will cause her to react with great temper. She has much less concern for herself, and controlling her rashness will be a constant challenge for her rider. In the event she feels doubt or fear, her rider will often be the only one to know.

Approved: November 14th 2005
Last updated: August 18th 2019

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