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Persona Profile: E'rae


Name: E'rae
Age: 32
Birthday: m8 d17
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Wingrider

Physical Description of Persona:
This bluerider is about 5'8" and weighs 180 lbs, thanks the muscle he's acquired from dragonriding. He's rather on the thin side, though, never gaining any extra weight. His legs take up the bulk of him, followed by his arms. His middle is compact and then there's his head and broad shoulders.

E'rae's skin is a sallow brown that tans a bit with the Southern sun to darken. His hair is kept to a rather short length around his ears, but what he has is jet black and shiney. His eyes look black, they're so dark, and his lips are a lighter brown too. E'rae's nose is long and straight, but his cheeks are rounded. He has a smooth forehead that tapers up to small widow's peak, and his ears are on the average side. He has strong bones and he carries himself upright, his movements resembling those of a feline.

Unbeknownst to those that see him in his usual black trousers and dark brown tunic, though, he does have a network of scars on his back. A really bad score, it almost killed him, and he'll bear the mark for the rest of his life. The skin is puckered and slightly discolored, a lighter color than the rest of him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
E'rae is a quiet man, preferring to observe people, make his decision, then join them if he wishes. Despite his quiet streak, however, when he does speak, it's usually about something important. Underneath that reserved exterior, however, is a lightning quick mind. He's very methodical and prone to being alone. This bluerider is strong-willed, decisive, and enjoys his solitude. He's very fond of nature as well.

Despite his penchant for being alone, he is still very family-oriented. He'll always be loyal to his dragon, his father, and then the rest of his kin. He keeps in touch with them and is careful to visit when he can. After all, he believes that honoring his family is imperative and he's worked hard to do that always, especially as a rider. And then he's dedicated to his duty to the Weyr.

Unfortunately for E'rae, though, his quiet attitude can come off as threatening to some people. He scares them since he's something they cannot understand. And at times, he uses this to his advantage. Also, he keeps grudges for a very long time. Once his trust has been lost, it stays lost.

History of Persona:
E'rae was born at Garnet Valley Hold, the fourth child in a family of eight. There were five boys and three girls and his mother, Ranellen, tried her best to take care of them. His father, Eamis, was a tanner. He made a living by curing pelts to sell. From an early age, the boys were encouraged to go hunting and to explore the Hold, leaving the girls behind to clean and do the chores with their mother. E'rae was firmly indoctrinated in this tradition by the time he was 10 ten turns, believing that women ought to serve their men and in turn, the men were obliged to provide for them and give them children.

As result, he became an excellent hunter and tracker and it wasn't long before he even had a bow of his own as well as a strong knife. He looked up to his older brother, Menel, very much. Struggling always to make him proud, he was disappointed when his brother left to apprentice to the harper hall as soon as he was old enough. From that point on, Emaerae kept more to himself.

When he was thirteen turns old, though, one of the Searchdragons from the Weyr came to look over the acceptable boys. His family was surprised when they took him and one of his sisters. Somehow, he made it through Candidacy, trying his best to fit in with the Weyrfolk that seemed so alien to him. It wasn't but two turns after that, though, that he managed to Impress his blue Leith.

Life changed dramatically after that. Not only did he have to worry about weyrlinghood, but he had to get used to taking care of someone besides himself. He had a few problems at the start, but with the help of one of the Weyrlingmaster's assistants, he managed to come to terms with his new responsibilities. And when he graduated and headed into the fighting wings, it was an interesting experience. Leith was ready to go, but as usual E'rae wanted to take it slow.

And then when thread began falling, the blue was a little too excited and he made a fatal mistake, ending up with a thread clump right on E'rae's back. They went between and he had a long time to recover, but from that moment on, he worked harder to get Leith to focus and to regain his reputation as a safe rider. It worked, they've only had a few minor injuries since then and he's allright with his position as wingrider at River Bluff Weyr. The scar happened about two turns ago, but he remembers it as if it were yesterday.

Of course, he managed to catch a greenrider in a flight not too long after that and to his surprise, he ended up with a baby girl. He doesn't raise her, of course, but he visits from time to time and Werenn knows who her father is. He doesn't quite know what to make of the relationship, but he's trying.

Recently E'rae found himself getting romantic with a new arrival to the Weyr, Bahji. The girl became pregnant but lost the child due to a tragic accident. Not dealing well with the grief and Bahji's decision to become a woman of the Weyr, he has been transferred to Dolphin Cove.

Family and Friends
Santeni, 31, Kitchen Drudge (Sister)
Werenn, 13, Weyrbrat (Daughter)

Dragon's Name: Leith
Dragon's Age: 17
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
This blue is average sized from headknobs to tail tip. His midsection is rounded, tapering to a long, sinewy neck. And then one sees his head. It's dominated by his whirling eyes, usually a green or a blue. Then there's his rounded snout. All in all, he doesn't seem very remarkable in the size department.

However, his hide is a lovely cornsilk blue, allowing him to catch the eye of many a female. Leith is quite proud of himself and often seems to be chatty, reckless, and eager. This blue is too garrulous for his own good and often has to be restrained from pestering other dragons by his rider. In fall, he has learned the hard way to trust E'rae, even he's the one able to do the fantastic acrobatics needed to flame the clumps.

Last updated: May 22nd 2017

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