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Persona Profile: Aivorn


Name: Aivorn
Age: 61
Birthday: m5 d17
Rank: Master Beastcrafter
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: General

Physical Description of Persona:
6'1'' tall and weighting around 190 lbs, Aivorn is impressive sight, wide-shouldered and muscular. His hair is dark brown turning grey, eyes are green. His facial features are what can only be called rugged. His face seems to be permanently set to a fierce scowl. Only few people have seen it soften to more tender expression. This skin is weathered and tanned by outdoor-life. His hands are big like shovels but surprisingly nimble and gentle.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Aivorn has a reputation of being strict, grumpy and short-tempered. Which is surprising, because most of the time he is polite and calm, treating the animals under his care with soothing gentleness. Although, Aivorn is a hard taskmaster and demands a strict discipline from his apprentices. He does also have a quick-temper and there's rumour that he's let the people he's caught abusing animals taste their own medicine… Aivorn isn't very social person and guarded about his private life.
Those who see the trouble of really getting to know him, find a kind and deep man under the grumpy surface.

History of Persona:
Born in Thayan Peak weyrhold, Aivorn was a son of a dragonrider and a beasthealer jour-neywoman. His childhood was normal to a weyrbrat. He was mostly raised by his crafter-mother. He followed his mother's craft. He stood for hatchings, but never impressed. When he reached the age of being too old to impress, he left the weyrhold and entered the Beast-craft Hall. After receiving his journeyman's knots, he started journeying. After few turns jumping from hold to hold, he settled down to Emerald Falls Hold.
Aivorn married late, at the age of 35. His wife Troyshara was a local girl. Their marriage was happy one but brief. After three turns of marriage, Troyshara died while giving birth do their daughter. Somehow Aivorn was able to get over his grief and raise little Aishara. He found woman named Heludia to be the baby's milk-mother and nanny. When Aishara grow up past nanny age, she still stayed, as drudge now, cleaning the house, cooking and making sure Aishara and her father didn't lack anything. Aivorn has been alone since his daughter unexpectedly Impressed. He is devoting all his attention to his craft.

Family and Friends
Aishara, 23, Wingrider, Rapids Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (daughter)
Troyshara, 41, Deceased (Wife/Mother of Aishara)
Heludia, 51, Drudge (Former Milk Mother)

Last updated: March 2nd 2017

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