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Persona Profile: A'lin

Writer: KathrynK

Name: A'lin
Age: 21
Birthday: m9 d20
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Atilin is short, and somewhat overweight. He's 4'9", 130 lbs. He has long, messy red hair, and pale blue eyes. He enjoys food, and has gotten slightly overweight in his time at the Weyr.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Atilin is brash and arrogant, and tries to lord his father's status as a holder at Opal Cove Hold over the other candidates. He is unpleasant to those he considers inferior, and smarmily complimentary to his betters. He has a short temper, and anyone who insults his family often ends up needing numbweed. The only person he thinks of before himself is his feline, Dorra.

History of Persona:
Atilin was born in his father's beasthold in Opal Cove Hold. He is the sixth of eight sons born to Feltin, a beastherder, and Laria, his wife. His father has an obvious dislike of women, who he considers no more than property and Atilin shares his father's views. All five of his older brothers became beastcrafter, and he was expected to follow them. He was found to have an exceptional affinity for animals, and is most comfortable (and polite) when surrounded by any sort of animal. He was Searched just a sevenday after his arrival at Opal Cove Beastcraft Hall, much to his dismay. He has inherited his father's opinion of dragonriders as immoral and perverted. Now he struggles to get along with his fellow candidates. His normally caustic manner is exascerbated by his new and unwelcome surroundings. His only hope is that he Impresses a bronze, not (Faranth forbid!) a blue or green.

Family and Friends
Feltin, 6, Beastherder (Father)
Laria, 7, Wife (Mother)
Fellar, 6, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Lartin, 6, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Arlt, 6, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Tinril, 7, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Gereon, 6, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Fenderd, 6, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Nernic, 6, Beastcrafter (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Gaurath
Dragon's Age: 7
Dragon's Colour: Blue


Dorra, Feline: aged 8, born m9 d18
Dorra is a jet black feline of large size. He is the only thing that merits loving, unselfish care from his normally insolent master. He was given as a gift to Atilin on his eleventh birthingday by his grandfather.

Approved: September 27th 2005
Last updated: July 30th 2014

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