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Persona Profile: Lucan

Writer: Avery

Name: Lucan
Age: 49
Birthday: m6 d15
Rank: Senior Journeyman Vintner
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Lucan is 6'3" and broad shouldered enough to appear heavier than he actually is. His black hair is kept short to control it's tendancy to curl. His skin is dark brown, and his eyes are black with thick lashes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Lucan is a relaxed person who aims to enjoy life as it comes. He is talkative when he has company, but is also very content to be on his own for long stretches of time. He's happy to be a shoulder to complain on, and he's good at keeping the secrets of his friends.

He really loves what he does and showing off his creations to other people. Historically, he has kept his head down and displayed little visible concern over subjects other than his craft. That doesn't mean Lucan doesn't have opinions about the state of the Holds and Halls, he just doesn't want to draw attention to his family by being too loud about them. His main concern is keeping the people he thinks of as his safe.

History of Persona:
Born the third child of a greenrider at then Dragonsfall Weyrhold, his father was a visiting brownrider. He knows he has other siblings by his father, but has never bothered to arrange to meet them. His foster father was a vinter, and from the time Lucan was tiny, he was obsessed with learning to do the same things he saw Ordanal doing.

Ordanal insisted on Lucan standing as a candidate for turns, but when he reached twenty-one with no lifemate, he finally acknowledged Lucan would follow in his footsteps. So Lucan officially became a vinter. He left the Weyrhold for the Hall when he was thirty-one, taking his son Lunall with him.

He married a hall resident named Lissayle a few Turns later, when he was thirty-four. Lucan loves Lissayle in a companionate friendship way, but the intent of the marriage was primarily as a cover for their actual orientations. It took six Turns of half-hearted trying before the marriage produced its only child, their daughter Luscayne.

Family and Friends
Lissayle, 43, Hall resident (wife)
Luscayne, 9, Hallbrat (daughter)
Lurakan, 62, Senior journeyman woodcrafter, (half-brother)
Lureli, 43, Headwoman's assistant (half-sister)
Relis, 52, Rider of green Zehlath (half-sister)
Lunall, 18, Hall resident (son)


Macha, Green Firelizard: aged 26, hatched m5 d10
Macha is small for a green firelizard. She is uncharacteristically calm for her color, preferring to laze about and sleep rather than play, and she's chubby from eating a lot of treats.

Approved: July 28th 2005
Last updated: January 19th 2018

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