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Persona Profile: Carmora


Name: Carmora
Age: 65
Birthday: m3 d12
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Carmora has thick black hair liberally streaked with grey, though having raised four children in the last forty turns, she insists that she has earned every white hair. Pale skin is not as smooth as it was in her youth, and her eyes are surrounded by smile lines. Carmora has aged gracefully, her youthful beauty having mellowed over the turns. Though four children certainly had an affect on her figure, her husband's fondness for dance has kept her fit, if not exactly slender.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Though few people outside of her family would guess it, Carmora is a woman with a wide stubborn streak and a temper that often takes little to kindle. Once her temper has burned out, however, Carmora never holds a grudge and is usually quick enough to forgive--even if she doesn't always want the person on the receiving end of her forgiveness to know that she's no longer angry. With her children grown, Carmora has turned to mothering the Harper Hall as a whole. Though she is tactful enough to never go against anything her husband says in public, she has been known to whisper a quiet word or two in his ear in private when she thinks he's made a rash decision or been too hard on someone.

History of Persona:
Carmora was born to a farmer and his wife on a fairly remote cothold. Hoping to improve their daughter's chances at finding a good marriage, she was fostered at 17 in a local minor hold. Carmora had no problems with the _idea_ of marriage, but if there was one thing she was firm on, it was that she wanted to chose her husband herself.

The choice happened sooner than she could have imagined. At her very first Gather, Carmora found herself admiring one of the journeyman harpers. She wasn't sure if it was the friendly grey eyes or the way he smiled at her, but by the time Almonteo gathered the courage to come and speak to her, she knew there was _something_ special about him.

Within a turn she found herself blissfully married, and another turn brought her first pregnancy. Two more followed before Almonteo accepted a posting at the Harper Hall. Their youngest child was seven turns old when Carmora found herself pregnant for a fourth time. The pregnancy was not as easy as the previous had been, but Arteo was born healthy. Carmora was happy raising Almonteo's children and taking care of her husband. She was proud of every promotion he received, until the Craftmaster asked Almonteo to take over the remains of the Harper Hall at Emerald Falls. Even though their children were grown, Carmora hated the idea of leaving them behind and moving to a strange place. Still, it was a great honor for her husband and an opportunity that she didn't want to refuse him, so she's settled in to support him while he works to rebuild the Hall.

Family and Friends
Almonteo, 72, Master Crafter, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Husband)
Carala, 45, Hall Resident (EFH-HH) (Daughter)
Teomor, 41, Sr. Journeyman Healer (Son)
Almora, 37, Greenrider (Daughter)
Arteo, 30, Sr. Journeyman Harper (Son)

Last updated: March 4th 2016

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